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Jalon Peters for East Bonner County Library

Election May 18th, 2021

Jalon Peters for East Bonner County Library


Jalon Peters announces his candidacy for the East Bonner County Library (EBCL) Board  this coming election May 18th, 2021.

Jalon Peters

Jalon has been married for almost 20 years and has three sons. He is a local business owner with conservative values.

Jalon is running for the EBCL Board because he evaluates the recent decisions made by the current sitting board as unconstitutional and contrary to personal liberties, science, logic, and taxing ethics.  Peters believes it is impossible to have collective liberties without personal liberties first. 

Jalon values every individual as important, and each person has the right to decide for themselves the level of personal protection they want to implement against any infectious disease.  He is NOT in favor of mandating anything that would go against the constitution or personal liberties, no matter how “safe” said mandates make us or others feel.

Freedom is not safe, nor has it ever been.

Jalon believes that one of the roles of a library board is to promote morality and love for country – both of which are under attack in our culture. The library is a hub of information and support for social activities, families, and the underserved. To mandate whom can or can’t participate in the library’s services is both disheartening and wrong.

Please come out on May 18th and vote for Jalon Peters for East Bonner County Library Board of Trustees. Change starts with us!


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