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Prosecuted For Sharing Stickers in Soviet Moscow, Idaho

This crime is normally associated with people posting yard sale signs and lost cat posters.

Prosecuted For Sharing Stickers in Soviet Moscow, Idaho
Vinyl so they don’t deteriorate in weather, non-damaging, all centered around a hammer and sickle. A few of the stickers simply read: “Soviet Moscow.” Most of the stickers echo the city’s official mask mandate slogan: “Soviet Moscow – Enforced Because We Care.”

Prosecuted For Sharing Stickers in Soviet Moscow, Idaho

by Shari Dovale

We previously told you about the Marxist leaders in Moscow, Idaho, which harassed a group of Christians for psalm-singing in public.

Christians Standing Strong in Moscow Idaho

Moscow’s liberal-controlled city council gave extended emergency powers to the Democrat Mayor in response to Covid 19(84). They imposed a mask mandate that has been repeatedly extended, with additional rules seemingly designed to simply harass the citizens.

For example, the city has threatened to arrest a young student for standing too close to his cousin, published the police department’s non-emergency number as a “snitch line,” and withheld necessary forms used to collect signatures when residents wanted to run a referendum for possibly overturning the emergency orders.

N.D. Wilson, a local author, runs a company called Gorilla Poet Productions who produced 650 protest stickers in response to the soviet-styled rules coming from the City.

My son is threatened with jail time for chatting with his cousin. My business partner’s brother gets arrested at a psalm sing. [We] felt the need to do something,” Wilson said. “We talked about using our resources to sue the city, but we settled on something more low-key. Funnier.”

I used a few of the stickers myself,” Wilson said. “On coffee mugs. My truck. That kind of thing. We gave a bunch to friends. Some to local business owners who were struggling under the order. I don’t even know how many we gave away. Most went on bumpers. I really had no idea how upsetting they would be to the city attorneys, Liz Warner and Mia Bautista. But hey, no one ever said the 2020s would be the age of reason.”

The fireworks came when the stickers appeared on city poles.

Wilson learned that Officer Waters from the Moscow Police Department had detained his 2 sons, handcuffing one and putting him down on the concrete to interrogate him. They did not read him his Miranda Rights.

They also took my minor son away from his handcuffed brother, lied to him about the law and his rights, and interrogated him alone,” Wilson explained. Both boys were sent home without citations. However, days later, city attorney Liz Warner notified MPD that she wanted charges brought.

Warner has charged Rory Wilson with thirteen misdemeanor counts of posting signs or fliers on poles without permission. Latah County is charging the juvenile with the same, and the City of Moscow has decided to prosecute their father as well. Every misdemeanor count carries a max of up to six months in prison.

This crime is normally associated with people posting yard sale signs and lost cat posters. “In the history of this ordinance,” Wilson said, “How many prosecutions or even citations do you think there have ever been in this town for posting a flier or sticker on a pole? I’ll give you a hint. It rhymes with zero.”

When Officer Waters delivered news of the prosecution to the Wilson residence, he denied that it was politically motivated.

This isn’t political,” Waters told the Wilsons. “We just have to enforce the law equally.”

Maybe it was opposite day,” Wilson said. “I’m pretty sure ‘equally’ doesn’t mean ‘we’ve never done this to anyone ever before, but we disagree with your messaging, so here come the handcuffs just for you guys.’”

Moscow officials have proven that they aspire to live up to the Communist ideals of their same-named city in Russia. All this in what used to be considered a very conservative state. Maybe it is time for another public psalm-sing in Moscow?

Wilson is still distributing his company’s stickers, while waiting for progress on his case.

This issue was first brought forth in an article on Blog & Mablog.

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