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Christians Standing Strong in Moscow Idaho

This comes down to the War on Christianity.

Christians Standing Strong in Moscow Idaho
Latah County Commission candidate Gabriel Rench was among those arrested during a church-led outdoor singing protest in front of the City Hall in Moscow, Idaho, on Wednesday. (Facebook/@CrossPolitic Studios)

Christians Standing Strong in Moscow Idaho

by Shari Dovale

The City Council in Moscow, Idaho has extended their mandatory mask order for a community that has had no deaths and no hospitalizations from Covid 19(84). The order is now in effect through January 6, 2021.

There are many good people that disagree with the Council. This is normally allowed and accepted. This country allows for civil disagreement, and for peaceful protests.

When Antifa and the Black Lives Matter Marxists came to Latah County, the police allowed them to protest as long as they were peaceful, as it should be. They were not required to follow a mask mandate, they were left alone to protest.

However, when Christians held a protest this week, these same police arrested them and cited them for violating the mask mandate. They were not accused of being violent. They were not accused of rioting, looting or burning down the city.

But they were held to a different standard than the Marxists Left-Wing Extremists. Why is that?

Some of the differences between the 2 groups include their propensity (or lack of) to violence. The Radical extremists on the left, the Marxist, Communist groups that are leading the violence in cities like Portland, have shown their true colors. They are known for their violence.

The Christians in Moscow, from Christ Church, were singing hymns and Psalms. This was not lending itself to violence at all. Additionally, the police officers involved personally know many of the parishioners that were in attendance, and know that they were not a violent group.

Could that be the difference? Or could it be that the difference was their Faith and belief in God? That is another major difference between the 2 groups.

Bill Jasper did a fine column on exposing the Antifa Godlessness in the New American: “Antifa Witches”: A Glimpse Into the Source of the Demonic Rage Surging About Us Here are a few points he discusses:

Most communists, Marxists, Maoists, Stalinists, Leninists, etc., publicly claim to be atheist materialists.

From Marx and Bakunin to Saul Alinsky and Antifa, we see many examples of leaders of the radical Left expressing a disturbing fixation with Lucifer, along with their nihilistic rage for destruction.

[Whittaker] Chambers [a former top-level Communist Party operative and Soviet agent before converting to Christianity] found out that not only were most of our Fake News media doing their utmost to help the Devil hide his existence, but they were striving equally hard to convince the American public that the communist devils he was warning about in our government didn’t really exist either.

That seems to be the major controversy with the Marxist groups. They are fighting Christianity and God.

Recently, the Black Lives Matter website removed the page describing what they believe, which included their desire to “disrupt the Western-prescribed nuclear family structure requirement by supporting each other as extended families and ‘villages’ that collectively care for one another. “

They have seen a huge decline in their favorability rating in recent weeks, according to PEW Research. The riots are not popular, they are not gaining them fans. Yet, the Main Stream Media (MSM) continue their efforts to bolster their cause. As we learned above, our Fake News media are doing their utmost to help the Devil hide his existence.

Yes, this comes down to the War on Christianity. There is such a thing and it has come to your towns. The local governments and law enforcement have been deluded as to what they are representing. They are protecting the Devil by protecting the Marxist Communists.

The Christians from Christ Church in Moscow, Idaho have it right. We must support them.


Our Incident at City Hall, by Douglas Wilson
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  1. Just goes to show you who the COP’s, and your officials, are really protecting.
    Maybe more need to fall down. permanently.

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