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Idahoans for the Recall of Governor Brad Little

There were no lockdowns for SARS. There were no lockdowns for E. Bola.

little recall Due Process Suspended in Idaho

Idahoans for the Recall of Governor Brad Little is a statewide grassroots recall effort born of the conviction that the Governor’s stay-at-home directives violated cherished, basic civil liberties enshrined in our Bill of Rights.

We have been denied the foundational rights of Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

Freedom to worship – denied.
Freedom of assembly – denied.
Freedom to work – denied.
The right to due process – denied.
The right to a jury trial – denied.
Right to privacy – denied.
Access to public property – denied.
Access to education – denied.

Governor Little has also threatened forced vaccinations. He is hiring 500 “contact tracers” to find people who may have “been exposed” to keep them in their home under house arrest.

There were no lockdowns for SARS. There were no lockdowns for E. Bola.

It has been revealed that the projections were wrong, yet Governor Little continues to follow the lie. Idaho cases are similar to a regular flu season. He refuses admit he was fooled. He refuses to call back the legislature as required by Idaho Code. This is a proclamation without representation, soon to be vaccination without representation? What will happen when the powers that be claim that the virus is back???

Now is the time to act.

All levels of volunteering are needed and appreciated – from signature collecting, phone calls and e-mailing, to word processing and everything in between. Check out the website for Idahoans for the Recall of Governor Little at Use the “Contact Us” page on our website to get connected with a network of volunteers in your county. Find locations for signing under Signing Venue Events.

Only signatures of registered Idaho voters will be valid! Check if you are registered (or register quickly and easily if you’re not) at Help restore our liberties through this peaceful, legal avenue provided to citizens as a redress of grievances.

Kathy Rose



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