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A Chilling Comparison

Black Lives Matter, & Antifa, have smashed store fronts with glass and contents scattered all over the sidewalks, looted contents


A Chilling Comparison

by Pete Ketcham

Over the years I have read numerous books and articles concerning the rise of Hitler and the Nazi party in the 1930’s in Germany, and also Mussolini and his Black Shirts in Italy. As I compare the events and tactics that placed Hitler and his (Brown Shirts) Nazi party in power, I see a chilling comparison to the events that are taking place today in our nation concerning the Black Lives Matter and Antifa. The following are some of these similarities:

(A) Hitler, using the media propaganda, posters, schools, and other means was able to successfully demonize the Jewish German citizens as parasites that needed to be eliminated from German society by any means available.

Today through the propaganda efforts of the liberal media and the education system, a white conservative is demonized as a racist, homophobe, bigot, etc., and should be prevented from expressing their opinion, and also be eliminated from holding any public office.

(B) Hitler was able to intimidate the entire German population with his Brown Shirts as was Mussolini able to do in Italy with his Black Shirts. Part of the intimidation process was the black uniforms and the brown uniforms marching down the street waving flags.

Today Antifa in black clothing and masks waving signs and flags march down the street, threatening anyone who gets in their way. They are able to intimidate every one in the area by their open willingness to do combat. In like manner Black Lives Matter march down the street with signs shouting for “dead cops”.

(C) Hitler’s Brown Shirts in one night throughout Germany destroyed almost all Jewish businesses, synagogues, and many homes. This was called “Kristallnacht” “night of the broken glass”. The windows of all Jewish businesses were broken with glass and contents scattered all over the sidewalks, also many were burned down. The German public just looked on while all this was happening.

Today Black Lives Matter, Antifa, along with rioters have smashed store fronts with glass and contents scattered all over the sidewalks, looted contents, and set fires to numerous businesses throughout the nation. So far the public has just looked on with no counter action while all this is happening. The liberal politicians in some cases have had the police stand down while this was taking place, and now are even supporting the dismantling of the police.

(D) In Germany during the 30’s & 40’s as a gesture of approval and compliance with Hitler’s agenda, it was necessary to give the “Heil Hitler” salute with the raised outstretched arm. Those who refused to give that salute were looked down on, and put themselves in danger of discipline.

Today as a gesture of approval and compliance with the Black Lives Matter agenda, it is necessary to kneel down on one knee. Those who refuse to kneel are looked down on and labeled as a racists and bigots.

Even though as a nation today we are structured quite differently than the Germany under Hitler’s rule, the same dictatorial mentality that was prevalent in the Nazi party of Germany at that time, is prevalent today in the liberal community.

If they could, they would have us disarmed and subject to their irrational agenda, as the Nazis had the German people subject to their irrational agenda.


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