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Washington III% and Redoubt News Joint Statement

The Constitution of the United States is our permit.

Washington III% and Redoubt News

Washington III% and Redoubt News Joint Statement

Over the last few weeks Washington III % and Redoubt News have faced an unprecedented level of opposition. Opposition from social media giants, local governments, and far left extremists. This opposition has caused personal and professional strife, but more importantly it is being used as a way to censor our conservative values.

Shari Dovale, Editor of Redoubt News and Matt Marshall, Leader of Washington III% have both seen their Facebook accounts deleted. Shari lost her account without warning during the mass censorship of Facebook that occurred 2 weeks ago. Matt Marshall’s account was lost due to increasing pressure from far left activists who doxed Matt and posted his home address, cell phone number, and place of employment online. This doxing included statements in line with recent Democrat rhetoric calling for harassment everywhere he goes. Both Matt and Shari had thousands of people they were able to reach with their social media platforms with the click of a mouse.

Local governments are also finding ways to silence political views that go against their city’s beliefs. Seattle Special Events Office has been dragging their feet and creating roadblocks any chance they can.

On August 20th, 2018 Matt Marshall submitted a complete permit application for a joint rally of Washington III% and Redoubt News named “Liberty or Death 2: Rally Against Left-wing Media Bias.” The initial submission requested Westlake Park, just like the initial location of “Liberty or Death: Rally Against Left-wing Violence.” Matt was informed that the location was not available on December 1st due to the annual holiday events. He was asked to find a new location. Matt then filled out another entire application using the location Victor Steinbrueck Park. Keep in mind each application requires about 35 pages, with a drawing of the entire layout, a detailed emergency response plan, timeline, and a community notification letter.

After submission of the second application, Matt was notified by Seattle City Parks that the venue was available, and that it was going to cost $147 for electricity despite the “free speech” classification. Washington III% promptly issued a check for that amount. On October 26th, Washington III%’s treasurer Wesley McDonald asked Matt why the check had not been cashed. Matt emailed to the Special Events department and the Parks Department. The Parks department initially claimed they never received a check. Matt inquired about ways to pay online. Within five minutes an email response from the Parks department was received stating that the Special Events Department had notified them weeks ago that the event would not be approved. Moments later, the Washington III% State Assistant Leader Craig Hanvey received a phone call from the Parks Department asking what they should do with the check they received. No email was sent to Matt, despite his name being the host on the permit.

Matt then called to the Special Events office to inquire about the reason the event had been denied, and why he wasn’t notified. Chris Swenson, Chair of the Special Events office was unavailable and Matt spoke with Julie Borden, Permit Specialist. He was informed that Seattle Police Department had issues with the venue due to security. This was the same argument that Matt was given about use of Westlake Park at his first rally, forcing him to use City Hall Plaza which is a terrible venue for speeches, allowing the counter-protest sound echo off the walls and disrupt the permitted rally. Matt then called to Captain Mahaffey’s office to inquire about the Seattle Police Department’s concerns with Victor Steinbrueck Park, no comment was given.

Currently it appears that Seattle Special Events Committee is doing everything in their power to prevent this event from happening. They seem to omit the fact that the people they are trying to suppress are peaceful and did not cause problems during their previous rally. There were three arrests made on August 18th, and all were Black Bloc terrorists who assaulted the permitted legal protesters and broke out windows on the Washington III% bus.

Washington III% and Redoubt News are still waiting for comment from Seattle. We have a Civil Rights Attorney and are prepared to take legal action if necessary. Our plans have not changed. We will be rallying at Victor Steinbrueck Park on December 1st, 2018 with the Constitution of the United States in hand – we already have our permit.

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