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Enough is Enough, How Often Will the Government Destroy our Economy

Will the government destroy our economy every flu season?

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Enough is Enough, How Often Will
the Government Destroy our Economy

by Roger Whitten

Will the government destroy our economy every flu season or only on election year flu seasons? Will the Bill of Rights be suspended whenever the government concocts a pretext to protect us, or are our rights permanently stolen?

Enough is enough. We do not need, nor should we tolerate, a government that treats us like peasants. We can rid ourselves of government that steals our money, our jobs and our rights. We do not have to be dribbling sap-heads who believe the government cares about our health and just wants to help us. We can see through the con game being perpetrated upon us. Ignoring the propaganda machine of the media, ignoring the lying experts from academia, ignoring the corrupt politicians and the equally corrupt judges, ignoring the lies taught to us in the government schools, and basing our thinking on facts, we acknowledge that the present government is destructive towards securing our rights and our liberty. Therefore, it is our duty to alter our form of government.

Imagine a Washington State with two regional governments. The existing government in Olympia would exercise its power only in Western Washington, while Eastern Washington would have a new regional government of its own. Citizens of Eastern Washington would vote on forming a regional government independent of Olympia. Citizens would also vote on adoption of a new constitution for Eastern Washington. A new constitution for Eastern Washington would ensure a truly republican form of government that is limited in power. In essence, the old rulers would be kicked out of Eastern Washington and the people would take control.

A regional government does not require the approval of the Congress of the United States. Nor does a regional government change the representation in Congress. When Eastern Washington withdraws from the government in Olympia, no action need be taken by the old corrupt regime. Legislative districts will remain the same. Washington: one state, two regional governments.

The feasibility of a regional government for Eastern Washington rests upon the unity of the people. Those that are conned into thinking that the government is a benevolent Big Brother need more facts and less propaganda. Those who are on the receiving end of government money should consider what will happen when the rulers no longer need their support. When absolute despotism is in place, government’s largess will diminish. Despite the government’s support base, the propaganda and the indoctrination called education, Americans will, given the choice, vote for securing their rights and liberty.

Wiping the slate clean and forming a new government will allow us to institute a truly republican form of government. In a republic, representatives are dependent on the people alone. This means corporations, PACs, and people from outside of an electoral district should stay out of the electoral process. The people do not want big money corrupting the elections and the politicians, so why does it happen? A new constitution for a regional government can ensure a true republic by stating: “Only those citizens who are entitled to vote in an election may be involved in that election’s electoral process.” A new constitution can also limit governmental power by limiting the amount of taxation.

Enough is enough. We must throw off ruling by decree. Nothing, not even a flu-like virus, is worth the loss of our rights. The choice is ours: to be subjects of a governor that cares so much about our health that he happily suspends the Bill of Rights, or to live free in a land that is a true republic.


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