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Deep State Manipulation at the Local Level

Isn't the intentional interference in the legislative process for political purposes a crime?

Deep State Manipulation at the Local Level

Deep State Manipulation at the Local Level

by Shari Dovale

The voters of Legislative District 4 in Washington State have been forced into limbo by their Republican(?) leaders in Olympia since December 19, 2019.

That was the day they released the sordid, yet unproven allegations against Rep. Matt Shea. Minority Leader JT Wilcox held onto the Rampart Report for as long as he could while making his plans on how he could force Shea to resign.

He was not alone.

It has been proven today, through Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests, that there was a conspiracy to deprive the 4th legislative district citizens of their full representation for political purposes.

This email is by Beva Miles, who is the Chairman of the “Republicans of Spokane County”. In it, she proves that there were multiple people involved with the intentional interference in the legislative process, for purely political purposes. They were advocating for, and making decisions concerning, how to deprive the district of its full representation. How to deprive the people of a Representative Republic.

Notice how she tells you there is a team of people, including herself, Jay Pounder, John Smith, and others. This proves a conspiracy.

She tries to accuse all Shea supporters of being dangerous.

Then she explains that this is all political, by not wanting Rep. Shea to be actually expelled from the House, as this will just give him a political “Win”. This proves that the entire report was just a political hack job, and she and her cronies are in on the conspiracy.

Notice that JT Wilcox never attempted to actually expel Shea from the House. He only issued a suspension. He must have taken Beva’s email to heart?

She admits that the people in his district, and the Precinct Committee Officers (PCO), are supportive of Shea, and she considers them to be not “reasonable”.

She says that the voters can decide his fate, all the while knowing that they had planted another candidate, their candidate, to announce his run within hours of the report being released.

Yes, Wilcox and his fellow conspirators planned the announcement of their chosen candidate, Leonard Christian, to coincide with the release of the report.

They picked a candidate that has shown he is all about playing dirty politics. This is his most recent post, dated yesterday.

Citizens are expected to vote for their Representative. In turn, they expect to be represented by the elected to their fullest capacity. This is a fundamental tenet to our Republican system.

The citizens were backstabbed and betrayed by the people that were supposed to be looking out for them. The people that swore an oath to the Constitution. These people obviously do not think that the citizens have a right to choose their representation.

Acting like Communists, they took away the citizens rights in what should have been a Representative Republic. All because they set themselves above the minions, the little people, the regular joes.

They set up a politically biased investigation by Democrat operatives, with the approval and assistance of the Republican minority leader, JT Wilcox. This report was filled with bias, misrepresentation, and untruths throughout, and had no actual evidence to support their claims.

They were playing DEEP STATE games at the local level.

They held onto the fantasy report, withholding it from Rep. Matt Shea, making a complete mockery of his Constitutional rights to see these allegations, as is proven here:

Notice the date is a full week before the sham report was released.

They showed total disregard for the private information of Law Enforcement Officers, by releasing their private information.

They also doxxed private citizens by releasing personal Social Security numbers.

They completely ignored an elected Precinct Committee person’s letter, in which she completely disproved the Rampart Report.

Thousands of citizens rebelled against the lies being perpetuated in Olympia against this extremely effective legislator. Central Committees from all over Washington, as well as multiple neighboring states, were outraged. They passed resolutions demanding that Shea be reinstated. Yet, the Washington Deep State, including the Democrats and JT Wilcox, refused to listen, and completely ignored the people’s wishes.

And they spent an unprecedented $120,000 of taxpayer money to fund this Democrat oppositional research.

All of this, yet they still included just one single fact: that they found absolutely “no evidence that Representative Shea presents an imminent direct threat to any individual or group”.

Isn’t the intentional interference in the legislative process for political purposes a crime? Who will be held accountable for this? It should start with JT Wilcox, then roll downhill to include every single person in this conspiracy!

Reinstate Matt Shea Now!


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