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The Hard Reality Remains

If this nation is ever going to return to it’s constitutional christian based roots, these three objectives will need to be accomplished

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The Hard Reality Remains

By Pete Ketcham


Looking back in WW2 history it was clearly evident that the allies (US, England & Russia) realized that they would have to invade occupied France and Germany if they were to ever win the war against Hitler and the Nazis party. It had been obvious that Hitler was not going to stop his aggression against European countries, and he had proven that he was a deceiver, a liar, and could not be trusted in any negotiation effort.

The hard reality was: Hitler’s ability to wage war had to be permanently terminated, or there would never be peace in Europe.

Today’s Reality

Similar to the Nazi party, the Democrat party today has evolved into a anti-constitution socialist political party (it is also totally corrupt) that has been able to win numerous high level political offices. Their political success has been based on the effective use of the national education system, the liberal mainstream news media, and the entertainment industry, all of which have been used to change the cultural values and viewpoint of the nation.

As it was in WW2, we are now faced with a similar hard reality: the Democrat’s agenda has to be permanently terminated, or we will lose our constitutional nation.

Our present day thinking of just winning one more election, or gaining majority control of congress will put us on the path to a permanent victory is naive. This is not to imply that winning elections is not important, but under the present national circumstances it equates to winning random battles, but losing the war.

It is imperative, that if this nation is ever going to return to it’s constitutional christian based roots, the following three objectives will need to be accomplished:

(A) Take control of the education system, and return it back to it’s former faith based foundation. At present it has become an indoctrination institution for the socialist/LGBT agenda of the Democrat party.

(B) Neutralize the the liberal mainstream news media which has evolved into a propaganda agency for the Democrat party. This is not a “freedom of the press” issue, but is an issue of rogue propaganda agencies masquerading as news agencies.

(C) Eliminate the immoral pornographic production of shows, movies, and music, present in today’s entertainment world. The degenerate product of this industry has tremendous impact on the cultural values of the nation, in fact it sets the moral values.


If it were possible that these three objectives could be accomplished, the corrupt Democratic party would lose most of it’s ability to promote it’s socialist agenda.

It is acknowledged, that to accomplish these three objectives in the present political climate would take a miracle, yet the hard reality remains, unless these objectives are accomplished, we will continue to loose our constitutional nation bit by bit, as has been happening for the last 50 years.



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