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Popeye’s Chicken Gets MSM to Shill For Them

The miraculous return of the Popeye’s chicken sandwich.

Chicken Gets MSM to Shill For Them

Popeye’s Chicken Gets MSM to Shill For Them

By Shari Dovale

As we have all seen, the Lame Stream Liberal Media headlines lately are nothing to write home about. They seem to spend their time on Twitter looking for something to report, leaving the important stories to alternative media.

The latest is the war for chicken sandwiches.

Popeye’s Chicken has garnered support from all the Liberal Big Media (including several articles on Fox News) to give them free advertising for their chicken sandwiches. However, their attempt to topple the Conservative Christians over at Chick-fil-A has only backfired on them. Their embarrassing promotion of the Liberal Popeye’s Chain has given rise to hate and violence within their customer base.

NY Post – Popeye’s chicken sandwich fan in LA destroys her car while cutting in line

Yahoo News – Why the Popeyes Chicken Sandwich Craze Quickly Morphed into Black Shaming

Bloomberg – Popeyes Chicken Sandwich Sells Out Again and Even Turns Deadly

NY Times – Man Is Fatally Stabbed Over Popeyes Chicken Sandwich

Fox 8 – Popeyes chicken sandwich is back and people are losing their minds

Fox News – Popeyes violence continues after woman is body-slammed outside Tennessee restaurant

And the Hype Continues:

Even TIME and the NFL got in on the act with this ridiculous story:

Today in Miracles, NFL Star Says Popeyes’ Hot Commodity Chicken Sandwich Helped His Eye Heal

Yes, it must be a miracle cure, because being a paid advertiser wouldn’t get the same reaction, right? Actually, Business Insider tells us that it remains unclear whether or not Watson’s endorsement of the Popeyes sandwich was part of a sponsorship deal.

Poor Justin Beiber did not get his ad deal, so he got the headlines when he said the chicken sandwich is ‘not worth the hype’.

The miraculous return of the Popeye’s chicken sandwich. Heavens to Murgatroyd!

The sandwich debuted on Sunday, November 3, 2019, coincidentally the day that Chick-fil-A remains closed for their employees.


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