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Proof Of Liberal Media Propaganda Against Trump

The data from the report was actually taken from 2015, and Barack Obama was in charge!

Proof Of Liberal Media Propaganda Against Trump

Proof Of Liberal Media Propaganda Against Trump

by Shari Dovale

The Liberal Media thought they had a bombshell story against President Trump … Again.

The United Nations, in all their Globalist Elite animosity towards President Trump for not giving in to their agendas, attempted to portray our leader as a callous, barbaric scoundrel that has locked up more children than anyone else in the world.

Based on a presentation of the report “U.N. Global Study on Children Deprived of Liberty”, Manfred Nowak, lead author of the report said, “Separating children, as was done by the Trump administration … constitutes inhuman treatment of both the parent and the children.”

You can watch the entire press conference here:
Global Study on Children Deprived of Liberty – Press Conference (Geneva, 18 November 2019)

However, once the smoke cleared, it was shown that the data from the report was actually taken from 2015, and the barbaric scoundrel in office was actually Barack Obama!

This caused a meltdown for the Liberal Lame Stream Media, to the point that most of the outlets completely deleted the story. From the Daily Caller:

Multiple outlets deleted entire stories Tuesday after falsely reporting the number of children in migrant-related U.S. custody.

Outlets including Reuters, Agence France-Presse (AFP), NPR and Aljazeera jumped on a report from the United Nations, writing Monday that the country has the world’s highest rate of detained children. The outlets reported that there are currently more than 100,000 children in immigration-related custody, which violates international law.

A day later, Reuters and AFP deleted their stories after the U.N. clarified the numbers were from 2015, when former President Barack Obama was in office.

They could have just updated the story to reflect the corrections, and say that the information was gathered from 2015 data, but that would have meant saying the big bad guy was actually the Democrat darling Obama.

The DNC War room wasted no time in latching on to the story saying it was “a disgusting result of Trump’s family separation policies.” Will they correct that to say that it was actually a disgusting result of Obama’s policies? Let’s not hold our breath waiting for that one.

The media’s reluctance to give the story the same attention, now that it has been verified to come from Obama’s regime, proves their bias and agenda-driven propaganda against President Trump and conservatives.


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  1. American Pravda..We have to assume that this Nowak, along with his colleagues in the 5th Estate, are highly intelligent, sophisticated professionals, trained in critical thinking and worldly wise…Were they played for suckers in passing along this patently false story ? Not much chance…Rather, in their seething hatered for Trump and utter scorn for us “Proles” They take license to foist any blatant lie. Do any of them have a pang of conscience ? Seemingly not.Do they know ? Do they care..That a substantial number of Americans dismiss their effusions out of hand ? Thank God for Alternate Media !

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