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Montana Libertarian Party Holds Officers Convention

Montana Libertarian Party Sets The Stage For 2020 Elections

Montana Libertarian Party Holds Officers Convention

By Tim Ravndal

Every 2 years there is an officers convention where the executive officers of the political party meet to elect officers and review bylaws of the party. The convention this year was held in Great Falls Montana.

Political Party organizational meetings like this are held to provide an opportunity for members to take leadership positions.  The current chairman of the Libertarian Party steps aside due to personal convictions with his duty.  The newly elected Chairman Sid Daoud took the lead today with Elinor Swanson in as Vice Chair.

Credentialed members of the party present voted to amend the Montana Libertarian Party Bylaws.  The amendments offered were to expand the ability to define the board positions using the Montana Public Service Commission District Map.  Montana has 5 districts and the board will oversee the development of county committees.  An amendment was also passed that simplifies the executive board by eliminating duplicating positions on the executive board.

The internal administrative management of the party made official nominations including retaining the current Treasurer Joe Leavengood and electing a new Secretary Karson Rosander.

The outgoing Chairman Francis Wendt gave a departing address to the membership thanking them for attending and working together to advance the party. A new roster of the judiciary committee was established with a vote to confirm 7 nominations to serve on the committee for the next cycle.

Ron Vandevender & Roger Roots

The party will hold the next Delegate Convention on February 22nd as it is required to make sure that delegates from Montana have enough time to schedule travel to the National Delegate Convention scheduled in May.

Roger Roots was nominated and accepted at the last meeting to serve the Montana Libertarian Party on the National Platform Committee.  It was voted by the credentialed voting members to solidify that appointment with documentation as required by the national committee.

The next officers convention was scheduled for September 18th 2021.  Coinciding with Constitution Day to assist in capitalizing on patriots engaged.

The new chairman showed his enthusiasm in leading the party into 2020 elections.  He is looking at meeting the demand to increase candidates from the last election cycle further engraving the standing of the Montana Libertarian Party.

Mr. Ron Vandevender that has filed for the office of Governor of Montana 2020 election, announced that Roger Roots has accepted to run as Lieutenant Governor as the Montana Libertarian Party candidates.

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