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Has Our Nation Reached the Point Of No Return?

It is hard to predict what sort of “showdown” this will be, but it has the very real prospects of being violent.

Our Nation Has Reached the Point Of No Return

Point Of No Return

by Pete Ketcham

There are varying definitions being used today that apply to the term “Point of No Return”, with the classical definitions listed below:

“The point of no return is the point beyond which one must continue on one’s current course of action”.

“The point in the flight of an aircraft beyond which the remaining fuel will be insufficient for a return to the starting point with the result that the craft must proceed on.”

I have in previous articles referred to the “Point of No Return” as a political/social point in the history of this nation that has been passed, and has left us incapable of returning back to it by conventional political/social methods.

There are numerous reasons why this has happened to our nation, but the political and social actions of the following described entities have been the main contributors to our nation’s reaching this current “Point of No Return”.

The current liberal news media composed primarily of print, TV, radio, and the internet is no longer a news media, but has evolved into an agenda driven propaganda entity that has dedicated itself to persuading the American public that our traditional christian based constitutional form of government is obsolete, unjust, and racist.

Their agenda also extends to defaming any politician (especially white) that adheres to the tradition constitutional christian platform as a racist, bigot, homophobe, etc ,etc.

The US public school system has evolved into a liberal nationwide indoctrination system. It is teaching children from kindergarten to collage graduate school to abandon any christian beliefs concerning morality, and adopt the degenerate liberal left views of  issues concerning sex, integrity, and honesty.

This indoctrination is being assisted by the perverted LGBT community to normalize these bizarre concepts, and so far they have been highly successful.

The entertainment industry as displayed on TV, Internet, movies, and song has promoted and amplified the degeneracy of Hollywood. The graphic sex scenes, and the abhorrent language, both in movies and song, now have no limit.

It is absolutely astounding to observe the overall national influence that the LGBT community has gained in the past ten years. No politician in either party will publicly criticize them, and in many cases will endeavor to conform to their agenda.

Corporate America and academia have come under their powerful influence, with major corporations such as Walmart and Target actively promoting the acceptance of the LGBT lifestyle in the marketing of their products.

Of all the elements that have contributed to our nation moving beyond the point of no return, the massive slaughter of unborn babies (right up to their day of birth) is the worst. The liberal left and the Democratic Party have now placed themselves in the same category as the Nazi Party of Germany when they conducted their massive slaughter of their Jewish citizens.

To see the New York governor and legislators stand up, smile, and applaud at the signing in ceremony of a law that allowed anyone to kill a baby right up to their day of their birth is absolutely mind boggling. Never, never in my lifetime did I ever believe that the United States of America would adopt the same demonic policies of the Nazis in Germany, (which we destroyed in WW2.)

In this journey of our nation past the point of no return, the intense hostility to religion (especially the Christian religion) has played a major part. Our schools from kindergarten to collage graduate school have removed all reference to God, based on a phony (“separation of church and state”) misinterpretation of the first amendment “establishment clause”.

This  issue has also been used to remove God from our nation’s state and federal governments. Never before in our nation’s history have we ever willfully abandoned the Christian beliefs as the bases for the nation’s morality, but they are now rapidly being discarded as the godless liberal Democrat party gains increasing control of the governance of this nation.

Now that any type of consensus or cooperation between the constitutional conservatives and the liberal socialist progressives no longer exists, It would  seem that we are now moving toward an inevitable “showdown” of some sort.

At this time it is hard to predict what sort of “showdown” this will be, but it has the very real prospects of being violent, as it was when our civil war started. So similar to our political divide today, the North and the South had finally reached their “point of no return” in the resolution of the nation’s problems, and a violent war ensued.


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