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Why Are Children Dying At The Border?

The problem does not lie with the President’s “radical” ideas of illegal immigration

Why Are Children Dying At The Border?

Why Are Children Dying At The Border?

By Anna May Rainier

The one thing that has disturbed me the most of the last few months is children dying at our southern border. Many news outlets are putting the spin on it that it is President Trumps fault due to his “radical” ideas on border security and illegal immigration and that we should just open our borders up.

Perhaps if these news media outlets would look at current policy rather than only looking at their agenda, they would see that the problem is the “radical” illegal immigration laws that were put into place by democratic congress and presidents.

Current laws that dictate illegal immigration are such that if an illegal immigrant is caught at the border, they are arrested by the Border Patrol, placed in detainment, and then deported back to their country. In contrast though, if an illegal immigrant is caught at the border with a child in tow, they are both arrested, both detained, then released into the United States with a piece of paper telling them to show up at a hearing for possible deportation.

Very few of those given that court date show up for that court date. TA DA! They are allowed into America, flee to a sanctuary city, and start working. This has given many illegal immigrants an easy way to get into America without the fear or risk of deportation.

So why are children dying at the border? Most often, men are the ones fleeing into the US with the intent to work and send money back to their families. They are stronger, can work harder and longer hours and can survive the trip to the border that is required.

Herein lies the problem. If they show up to the border alone and are detained it was a trip made in vain. So, the solution? Bring a child with them. This child may or may not be theirs. This child’s parents may have been promised a better life for that child and/or may have been promised money from the illegal immigrant when they make it into the US.

If a parent was truly wanting to give their child a better life in the US, why not bring all their children? Why not bring along their wife and all their children? Immigration laws allow the whole family into the US with that court date paper, so why not bring the whole family? Because their interest is not with giving the child a better life. Their interest only lies with them being able to make it across the border so that the man can work.

So, why are children dying at our southern border? Children are not well suited for making it on the long trip from their home country to the border of US and Mexico. They have a much smaller body surface area that is more susceptible to dehydration and starvation rapidly.

Many children from our southern neighboring countries are not vaccinated like a lot of our children. They are making this trip into the US via deserts and countries that are foreign to them with foreign viruses and bacteria.

So, as you see, the problem does not lie with the President’s “radical” ideas of illegal immigration, it lies with the Democrat’s laws that are in place. Now more than ever, we need reform of immigration laws. We need a wall, fence, or some other impenetrable barrier at our southern border to discourage and prevent this abuse of children by people who are merely using them as a means to enter the country illegally now before more children die.


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