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Governed by Corruption

Democrat prosecutors are now using their power to unlawfully prosecute their political opponents


Governed by Corruption

By Pete Ketcham

In the past major federal agencies such as the FBI, DOJ, IRS, and others were considered to be completely honest and ethical in their dealings with the public, this perception also extended to various state agencies. These agencies had been directed by department heads and politicians that were basically honest and ethical in the conduct of their dealings. There of course were some individuals that were corrupt, but they were the exception.

That was the situation till 1993 when Bill & Hillary Clinton became “co-presidents” of the nation. Those two brought an unprecedented corruption into the nation that has grown through a 30 year period (primarily in the presidencies of Barack Obama, and Joe Biden) that has now spread throughout the entire nation.

One present day example of this corruption is illustrated by the actions of Democrat federal and state prosecutors who are now using their power and position to unlawfully investigate and prosecute their political opponents. This is illustrated today by the current prosecutions of Trump, and the prior prosecutions of former Trump staffers, General Flynn, Roger Stone, and others.

One could cite many more examples of how the corruption that began in 1993 has grown and permeated almost every federal agency and many state agencies, but it would take many repetitious pages to illustrate it all.  Also, It would take a book to illustrate the illegal and traitorous activities of the “Biden Crime Family” as they laundered the millions in bribe money they received from foreign nations in recent years.

And lastly, corruption is like cancer, it can spread throughout the entire body (nation), and also go into remission, but it is still present. And so throughout the four year Trump administration it somewhat went into remission, but it has now come back stronger than ever in the Biden administration.


In light of the upcoming 2024 presidential election, it will be very difficult for a Republican to be elected president due to the corruption that has taken over the election process.

And so, the outlook seems to indicate that the national corruption will continue on indefinitely, unless there is a national catastrophic event that could create a “reset” which could return the nation back to it’s original moral constitutional beginnings.