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City of Bozeman Violating Rights of the People?

If you are hearing the call to battle it is now time to step up.

City of Bozeman Violating Rights of the People?

City of Bozeman Violating Rights of the People?

Action Alert from Montana

Right now, freedom-minded people have a rare opportunity to stop tyranny in its tracks. The illegal, and unconstitutional use of the powers of government are controlling the outcome of America. When government actors are using taxpayer dollars to run political campaigns the people’s rights are lost. Rob Natelson a law professor from the Missoula indoctrination center once said; “While conservative Montanans will contribute to candidates, they have great difficulty supporting important ideas and constitutional causes…somehow, the appeal to get involved is too abstract.”

By Tim Ravndal

We just witnessed the end of a battle here in Montana where patriot Art Wittich at great personal expense, endured the past 8 years standing up to tyranny here in Montana. The appointed official of the Montana Political Practice Commission Jon Motl went to extremes in an effort to not only remove a sitting representative of the people of Montana but also to have his license to practice law revoked. The Montana Political Practice Commission appointed by the sitting Governor is not accountable to anyone. At great personal expense, Mr. Wittich prevailed against this system of zero accountability. In this case, Mr. Wittich was attacked by liberal political hacks that were bent on trashing the people’s representative at any cost. The process went to court where the liberal lawyers pulled every shenanigan they could get away with. This character assassination was not only a political candidate attempt to win a legislative seat, but Governor Steve Bullock is in control of the political cop. In the end, the truth prevailed.

Art Wittich

Roger Koopman, true to the people and the Constitution recently stepped up and challenged the City of Bozeman Montana for violating the rights of the people. Roger filed action in court against the city for violating multiple Montana Statutes, Election Laws and the Constitution of Montana. The city and their liberal consulting firm have both retained big-shot liberal law firms (at taxpayer expense) out of Missoula Montana. They are intent on squashing all opposition to the acts of tyranny in Bozeman. The government-hired lawyers are employing some of the sleaziest tactics we have ever seen. They have taken the people’s complaint, word for word, and re-filed it under their own name before the ultra-Democrat partisan Commissioner of Political Practices, Jeff Mangan. This unprecedented action puts the people in a position against themselves before a Kangaroo Court.

The city mayor has even perjured herself under oath, saying that she believes the Complaint is entirely true and accurate! This, of course, is a complete lie. She believes nothing of the kind. But the city is scared out of its wits, and these unprincipled lawyers are pulling every trick they can to defeat us. We hope that this story is shared across the country to help show the people the need to step up to the plate. The question before us is whether we will continue to allow cities, counties and school districts to use public resources to wage political campaigns in their own interests, to control ballot issue elections. Or will we re-establish the principle of government by the people, and shut the door once and for all, on what has become “government by the government?” The facts in this case are powerfully in our favor. If we stick it out, we are very close to a major statewide victory.

Roger Koopman

In a letter to the “Commissioner of Political Practices” from Chris J. Gallus Attorney for Plaintiffs in this case that Roger Koopman initiated, he made multiple points that put the people on record:This letter primarily addresses our position that you lack authority to accept and resolve the matter in the form it was submitted to you. Consequently, we question not only your fundamental authority to accept the complaint but the fairness under which reaching a decision will be conducted. The nature of the underlying judicial action involves statutory interpretation, ethics, official misconduct and voiding an election. Your office lacks any jurisdiction whatsoever with respect to each of these principal and determinative matters. In addition, a decision by your office potentially costs the Bozeman area taxpayers approximately $300,000. Plaintiffs have a fundamental constitutional right to seek a judicial remedy and the way this proceeding is being conducted interferes with that right.”

If you are hearing the call to battle it is now time to step up. As we all know, the cost of taking on Goliath is expensive and we need to combine our resources to make us stronger. If you would like to stand united against the tyranny here in Montana here is your chance. It is never more important to dig in and fight tyranny. Please participate in this legal battle to secure our freedom and liberty. For more information on how you can help with this important battle here in Montana contact Roger Koopman today.


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9 Comments on City of Bozeman Violating Rights of the People?

  1. I guess you have to live there to understand what this is about. But even from here I can see that Montana is slip sliding away.

  2. Compare this to what’s happening in your county. I did with Granite County. Makes you wonder if some of these elected, and appointed so called “public servants”, have monthly meetings on how to screw the tax payers behind their backs? BTW try to find a lawyer who’s willing to take a case on where public officials violate their oath of office or the MCA. They’re all too busy. That is until you agree to pay them their fees ($10,000- $35,000 and up). Thanks Tim and Redoubt News

  3. “Roger filed action in court against the city for violating multiple Montana Statutes, Election Laws and the Constitution of Montana.”

    What was the action? Was it merely a complaint, or was it information which lawfully leads to a presentment indicting a defendant or two or three, or more? If it is information which lawfully leads to defendants receiving indictments, yet nothing but further crimes were perpetrated in response to the information, then there is no law, and the proper, lawful, response is as was stated:

    “…re-establish the principle of government by the people, and shut the door once and for all, on what has become “government by the government?””

    The problem always is which people step up to the plate to regulate, re-establish, restore, resume, government by the people, which is the government. People are caught so tightly in this legal fiction fraud that people actually believe the government is separate from people.

    What is mandamus? What is quo warranto? When the people running organized crime call themselves the government their actions constitute crimes as a matter of fact: information that ought to lead to defendants presented with indictments in common law trial by the country, trial by the people.

    It is ridiculous to claim that criminals will suddenly turn into actual government agents based upon their own moral conscience, yet that appears to be the normal response to this type of rampant criminality perpetrated under the color of law. Complain about it and those perpetrators will fix the government; really?

    So…hold your breath waiting for criminals in government to apply law – accurate accountability – upon themselves, and go on expecting that outcome to happen for the first time ever. That solution works well enough depending upon which side of the moral fence you plant yourself firmly.

    “No person shall be held to answer for a capital, or otherwise infamous crime, unless on a presentment or indictment of a Grand Jury…”

    What does that mean exactly? What does that mean in the context of people (not a “City”) violating the statutes that govern people in offices of a town, city, county, Nation State, or Federation of Nation States? It means that the people occupying grand juries investigate civil and criminal allegations and when there is probable cause defendants are presented with indictments, to put the accused on trial by law.

    Why is that news to anyone, and how many people these days are ever ready to censor (shoot the messenger) when that information is presented to them? How many people refuse to admit that they are the government, and therefore they ought to do as was claimed in this article:

    “…re-establish the principle of government by the people, and shut the door once and for all, on what has become “government by the government?””

    There is a tried and true process by which that goal is secured, but willful ignorance is a very powerful force.

    • Joe,
      It is without a doubt that ignorance is not bliss when it comes to government actors in the position to be above the law. The first actions taken by Roger were taken into the realm of political expediency to avoid the reaches of judicial relief. We hope that there will be enough people see the action pending and join the fight for accountability. Thanks.

      • Tim,

        The downside of accurate accountability (the law) is that people must take responsibility for the actions that are accurately accountable to themselves, which includes actions done or not done: willfully. That is an Achilles heel for the people (as one species, life form, concern, etc.), but the good news is that the opposition has an even more delicate Achilles heel that is defeated in every instance with the truth shines brightly: accurate accountability.

        So people (the government) can eventually learn to nurture natural burn human conscience despite all the powers aligned in the effort to destroy that power.

        The other option is no more life on Earth.

        If you can gain currency (the power of spreading the truth far and wide) then good things can happen, which is the recent lesson that can be learned with the Bundy Family battle that is far from over.

        Good, truthful, lessons are unfortunately learned the hard way, but that too can be a commonly known fact that matters.

        Useful quotes:

        “Jurisdiction can be challenged at any time.” Basso v. Utah Power & Light Co., 495 F 2nd 906 at 910.

        “It is axiomatic that the prosecution must always prove territorial jurisdiction over a crime in order to sustain a conviction therefore.” U.S. v. Benson, 495 F.2d, at 481 (5th Cir., 1974).

        “The law provides that once State and Federal Jurisdiction has been challenged, it must be proven.” Main v. Thiboutot, 100 S. Ct. 2502 (1980).

        “Where there is absence of proof of jurisdiction, all administrative and judicial proceedings are a nullity, and confer no right, offer no protection, and afford no justification, and may be rejected upon direct collateral attack.” Thompson v Tolmie, 2 Pet. 157, 7 L. Ed. 381; and Griffith v. Frazier, 8 Cr. 9, 3 L. Ed. 471.

        “the burden of proving jurisdiction rests upon the party asserting it.” Bindell v. City of Harvey, 212 Ill.App.3d 1042, 571 N.E.2d 1017 (1st Dist. 1991).

  4. This article is unclear to the reader not already intimately familiar with the issue. In that sense it has a low probability of being passed on and gaining a wider audience.

    The clarity of the article is most likely do to the author being too close to the issue and skipping parts he is familiar with, forgetting the audience might not be so familiar.

    Just saying.

  5. The article is unclear to someone not already intimately familiar with this issue. I feel this article has a low probability of being passed on because of that. If the purpose is to gain attention, the article must solicit new, unacquainted, members to the audience.

    Most likely the author is too close to the subject. Just saying.

    • Jay, Due to the push by the system protecting the system across America it is important to plant the seed of liberty in the minds of as many people as we can. In this case, there are many people on the sidelines in Montana that are unaware of the actions within the judicial branch seeking relief from acts against the people. If those that do not know are not given a tip, then it is rationally accepted that they will not get involved. Freedom is not free. 😀

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