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Something Strange is Happening Here – Diane Rodgers

We have the Constitutional Right and Duty to cast aside an overbearing federal government and build anew, by putting the Power back into the hand of its Rightful Owners… We the People.

There’s Something Strange Happening Here…

Written by Diane Rodgers on  Feb. 7, 2016

About two years the Nation watched as Cliven Bundy stood in opposition against an unjust seizure of his ranch and grazing rights by the BLM. The event grew as patriotic Americans responded to his aid. The growing protest was ultimately successful in forcing the BLM to turn tail and retreat in face of the growing support that they could no longer control. Fast forward now to January 2, 2016 and we have a similar situation with the BLM is small town out west called Burns, Oregon.  Since the start of this protest, the Main Stream Media (MSM) has been putting forth articles and news reports using such adjectives as “armed militants”, “right wing racists”, “terrorists” or “armed thugs”.  Every story I read or listened to was basically the same, always one sided.  I follow the belief that there are 3 sides to every story; you could call it her side, his side and the Truth.  So when only one side is ever told, it is safe to assume that there is an agenda afoot.  An agenda the MSM never speaks about.

So in my quest to get to the Truth, I decided to take an eight day vacation from my full time job to travel 3,000 miles via plane and car to that small town out west call Burns. What you are about to read is exactly what I witnessed and learned from my  westward trip. I hope that this article, and those to follow, will help you see through the smokescreen of lies the media, at the bequest of our federal government , have been and are still telling us as the means to controlling the narrative.

Contrary to the MSM stories one finds on the situation in Burns Oregon, the real terrorist in Burns Oregon are not the framer, ranchers or loggers, nor are they the patriotic first responders.  The farmer, ranchers and loggers are salt of the earth people, they are hardworking folks who bust their butts every day to earn a living as many of us do on a daily basis. The Patriotic first responders, men and women who have left behind their lives, families, friends and jobs in order to come to Burns to bring attention to the illegal land grabs and the usurpation of our Constitution.  These people present no threat to the people of Burns as evidenced by the fact that they frequent the local stores, shops, restaurants and bars without any issues.

At first glance, it is easy to accept the media story that Sheriff David Ward invited the FBI to take over local control of the situation to help protect the citizens of Burns Oregon from a band of “armed occupiers”. But that is for another article. So let’s take a closer look at several key issues that most may not be seeing.

rodgersIn past decades whenever there was a civil protest it was customary for the local police and maybe the use of the state police to control and insure that the protest remains peaceful. During the protests of the late 60’s when demonstration began turning violent, State’s at the request of their Governors started to call in the National Guard to assist the police in maintaining order and protecting the public.

The question to ask is why didn’t Oregon Governor, Kate Brown, in accordance with Title 32 of the United States Code, call for the Oregon National Guard to assist in any local police action in response to the “armed occupiers” at the Malheur Refuge. Could it be that Gov. Kate Brown was appointed to her position, not elected by the People of her

State, as was Sheriff David Ward of Harney County? Could it be that these appointed officials are beholden, not the good People of Oregon, but strictly to those entities that placed them in their position and power.  Another unusual fact is that Special Agent Greg Bretzing in charge of the Malhuer Refuge Occupation happens to be linked to a Nation Security breach along with other fraud and corruption violation,  as reported by The Shasta Lantern.  Click here to view that article.

rodgersBut, here in Burns the situation is much different and potentially much more ominous and deadly, as evidenced by the murder of LaVoy Finicum, by agencies yet to be fully disclosed.  Authorities acting under the color of law but not in adherence to our laws, first closed down the Burns school system, even though  the “armed occupiers”, of which only 4 are now remaining, are located 30 plus miles from downtown Burns in the middle of nowhere. WHY?  Why was this necessary?

Road blocks, closures and check points are now common place in in and around Burns. Many of the local people have claimed that they are being randomly pulled over by “authorities” demanding they provide their ID’s for just driving down the street. There are locals being stopped at armed check points and forced out of their vehicle at gun point while their personal belongings and vehicle are thoroughly searched.

Facebook Post by Alexandra Puckett
Facebook Post by Alexandra Puckett

One rancher, Thom Davis, related his story in which he had a slowly dying horse on the range that needed to be humanly put down in order to relieve its suffering. The only trouble being that he was not that far from one of these check points and feared that should he have ended the horse’s suffering with a shot to the head, he too would have suffered the same fate. A fate that was later confirmed when he talked to the sheriff.

In another case the authorities actually took their vehicle a quarter mile beyond the check point and made them walk to get it.

Yet, in another case, Alexandra Puckett, described in a facebook post, the treatment and gun point threats from authorities that her husband and his mom encountered while trying only to feed their cows.

These actions taken by authorities have more in common with those of a Military Occupying Force in Iraq or Afghanistan they do with normal police actions here in American. The terrorization of Burns and throughout Harney County is, by no stretch of the imagination, being conducted by the ever increasing militarization of Federal and State agencies. With many  reports of  in conjunction with an  illegal and unconstitutional buildup of a foreign mercenary army of PMC’s, an invading army if you will, acting under the color of law but not in adherence to our laws.  Claim as they do that they are FBI, their tactics and use of vehicle void of any US military or alphabet agency marking or insignias, and lack of compliance with US Law, even when asked they present no documentation that they are indeed FBI.  A video clip of this fact can be seen here

In these photos above you can see that the armored vehicles do not have any US military or Federal Agency marking

rodgersAdditionally, other armored assets from distant counties are in Burns.  I ask, Is all this really necessary to protect the public from 4 people still at the Refuge located 30 miles away,  armed with a few rifles and hand guns, and already contained by authorities so they cannot escape from there. Or is something else going on here?

blackhawksFurther there are claims that Blackhawk helicopters are being stationed at Burns Airport and in the surrounding area.  For a link to that report click here

An electronic Command Center

In a recorded phone call to Major Bomar,  Judge Darby explains that the forces present in Burns  are most likely under the command and control of the UN and the IMF. In other words, foreign forces acting freely on US soil, a clear violation of our Constitution.

rodgersJudge Darby audio click here

Why, you ask would foreign PMC’s be doing here on the ground in the middle of nowhere in eastern Oregon, and under whose authorization are they being allowed to operate.  Could it be that they are here to seize control of these lands for the mineral rights and related wealth for foreign governments. Well, as usual it’s all about following the money. In this case the money is the mineral wealth that these lands contain. As most are aware Hillary Clinton has sold our uranium to Russia, , for personal gain and power. While China is buying up as much gold as possible, an gold is another mineral the lands out west are still rich in. Could China be laying claim to this gold as collateral for our national debt .

Further info can be found here and here

It is time for the People of America to start asking questions of their representatives as to whose authority these foreign forces and here operation under and why none of them are Obeying their Oath to protect and defend the Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic!

It’s time We The People embrace our differences, differences that make each and every one of us an Individual, Unite in One Voice and Demand a Redress of Grievances to address these issues in a manner that is consistent with the procedures set forth in the US Constitution . Our Founders wrote in the Declaration of Independence :

“That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive to these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundations on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall deem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness”

Therefore, We have the Constitutional Right and Duty to cast aside an overbearing federal government and build anew, by putting the Power back into the hand of its Rightful Owners… We the People.

To do otherwise will only plays into their bloody hands.


*All photos were taken by Diane Rodgers, with the exception of the helicopter photo. The photographer is unidentified, from a google image.

** Video was taken by Diane Rodgers.

Diane first posted this article on her blog here, reposted with permission.