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Idaho III % Disputes Gun Grabbers Claims

Elected officials who openly ridicule citizens for exercising their right to peaceably redress grievances have no business holding public office.

Idaho III % Disputes Gun Grabbers Claims
Former Idaho Rep. Tom Loertscher (John Miller / Associated Press)

Idaho III % Disputes Gun Grabbers Claims

The Real III % of Idaho (III%) challenges several patently false assertions from an article on BSU Public Radio / Guns and America titled: “Gun Rights Groups Pressure Legislators To Expand Stand Your Ground Rules” by Heath Druzen.

The III% did in fact support the Idaho Second Amendment Alliance’s (ISAA) version printed in HB444 (2018). However, the III% DID NOT go to the Capitol to confront Mr. Tom Loertscher over HB444 as he had already decided to administratively kill it in committee. There was simply no bill to support. Ultimately, the III% learned that ISAA had flown a witness in from North Idaho to testify at the committee hearing. After the witness landed in Boise on Sunday afternoon, the committee hearing was cancelled.

The Real III % of Idaho went to the Capitol for the express purpose of asking an elected official to explain the rationale behind consistently using his committee chair position to unilaterally kill Second Amendment bills without hearings; thus substantively subjugating the democratic process that is supposed to give Idahoans a voice on the issues that matter to them. Such brazen acts of unnecessary, excessive lordship regarding legislative bills that meaningfully expand the rights of the people are repugnant and offensive to the basic tenets of mankind’s destiny to pursue life, liberty, and happiness under the protective canopy of Constitutional Republicanism backed by a Bill of Rights. The III%’s organizational tagline sufficiently articulates the necessity for activism in these cases:

“When Tyranny Becomes Law, Rebellion Becomes Duty”.

Druzen’s articulation of misdirected opinion, tantamount to a baseless label-lynching, continues its downward spiral of questionable factual basis by labeling the III% as an “anti-government group”. There is no organization more committed to the restoration of a true Constitutional Republic that protects the rights of all citizens equally.

The Real III % of Idaho stands steadfast in its readiness to confront any entity that would chill, suppress, or otherwise impede the ability of the people to be heard by their elected officials. The very act of participating in the political process at the grassroots level is an integral part of “government” that the Founders sought to affirmatively protect. This activism cannot be construed, in any reasonable context, to be “anti-government”.

Mr. Tom Loertscher’s fanciful account of what transpired at the Idaho Capitol Building is closer to fiction than fact. Mr. Loertscher was positively confronted, but as he is known to say, “the devil is in the details”. Mr. Loertscher and the four III%’ers that confronted him did so in close proximity to an Idaho State Police officer assigned to monitoring the hallway. No one person as much as touched another. No one raised their voice. As such, no one was asked to leave or cease the conversation. No one was trespassed from the property. No one was arrested. The exchange did not draw the attention of the general public in the hallway. All four III%’ers conducted themselves professionally.

The III% strongly condemns Mr. Loertscher’s deliberate ongoing misrepresentation of the exchange in question.

Elected officials who openly ridicule citizens for exercising their right to peaceably redress grievances have no business holding public office. Apparently… his former constituency agrees.

When factual errors crumple under the weight of the other side of the story, it becomes difficult to delineate what is traditional journalism and what just masquerades as such; also colloquially known as “fake news”.

The Real III % of Idaho
State Leadership Team


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  1. “Real” 3%? LOL 3% is 3% whether part of a group or not. They have NO BUSINESS claiming top of the heap status.

    • There was a group change from internal, upper level mismanagement. They bulk left the original, and reformed under the name “real” to distinguish themselves from the various other social media accounts. We are 3%

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