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Election Day 2018 – Just One Inning

The election of November 6 is not the end of the game, it was just one inning.

hospital Election Day 2018 - Just One Inning

Election Day 2018 – Just One Inning

by Jim Boyer

When the talking heads babble on about political strategies, some use the analogy of sport strategy and say, you can’t win by playing defense. To an extent that was born out in many of the 2018 congressional races where squishy republicans could not bring themselves to support the president’s agenda of making America great again.

One example is Utah’s Mia Love who tried to be all things to all people with an ill-conceived campaign for passive amnesty. Once considered a rising star, she was beaten by a democrat challenger in a predominantly republican district. However, her loss shows more than the folly of trying to please everyone. It illustrates the powerful influence of the media and its ability to both deceive and move large numbers of people.

Many of the close races were not necessarily decided by democrat enthusiasm as much as they were lost to a largely suburban female vote that had been pulled left by relentless hammering of Donald Trump with allegations of racism and misogyny. This image was not planted in their minds with actual stories or proof of miscreant behavior. It was done with a constant and widespread dropping of unchallenged soundbites. From daytime cackle shows aimed at women to late night leftists pandering to low information millennials, “Trump the racist” and “Trump hates women” are tag lines that are used incessantly.

President Donald Trump’s daughter and son-in-law are Jewish. He broke the chain of throw away promises made by previous presidents to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and move the US Embassy there. Yet, the daily celebrity cries that he is an anti-Semite continue and many accept them as true.

While the headlines draw public attention to the sensation of the day, a relentless current of extreme leftist activism is eroding the shores of America’s heritage. Lost in the outcome of the November election is the precarious stability of our belief that America’s dedication to the ideal that we will always be free to determine our personal destiny will not disappear.

In major races such as the Governorship in Florida and Georgia and the Senate seats in Texas and Arizona, committed far left socialist candidates came within a hair of defeating conservative republican candidates. This outcome should be a wake-up call for all who believe in the value of freedom and self-determination. The outcome of this year’s elections was not just an oddity in the wacky world of politics, it is a clear forecast of what is to come and possibly a hint of what the country our grandchildren will live in might be like.

The votes cast on November 6 prove that democrats or liberals will never, never, ever stop in their progressive march toward socialism. With the help of the media and celebrity influence the public has become numb to issues like gay marriage and open bathrooms, or erasing our borders and abolishing Immigration and Customs [law] Enforcement. While it can be said that this election followed expected trends and little harm has been done, that is far from the truth.

The democrats have tasted blood and the media/celebrity complex has recognized the ability to convince numbers of people to support issues they may not even understand. Last year, following a school shooting in Florida, we witnessed masses of students cutting school to march in the streets with the consent of school administrators turn their purpose from a demand for security to one of hating Trump in a matter of days. Energized and indoctrinated by this media event these children can now be counted on to support any liberal candidate who challenges the president in 2020 – mission accomplished.

In addition to the peer pressure of social media, democrats have taken over other means with which to influence young or gullible potential voters. Even the magazine, “Teen Vogue” which once focused on style, fashion and popular trends is now working to influence adolescents and young women along political lines. It appears the democrats saw a demographic they could capture in females who can so easily be swayed to pay over $100 for pants that have been torn to look like they were found in a dumpster.

These people are now showing up at the polls. While they may not understand that they’re on a crusade to disassemble America, they are taking up their ballots in the form of arms to forever transform the only country in history created to give its citizens the power to limit government to one that empowers government and limits freedom.

People who believe in the constitutional foundation of our American heritage would be well advised to take note of the examples we were given in this campaign season. An astonishing number of people were convinced to cast a vote supporting an end to government by the people.

The election of November 6 is not the end of the game, it was just one inning.


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