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Transgender Bathrooms in Priest River

Please attend the next School Board meeting on Wednesday, November 21st at 6 pm

Transgender Bathrooms in Priest River

Transgender Bathrooms!

So many showed up at the school board meeting that the board did not pass that policy. But, what about Human Rights Clubs in our High School that discusses LGBTQ (Lesbian, bisexual, gay, transgender, and queer/questioning)?

Even more disturbing is that it seems that the public is not allowed to sit in on these club meetings. This is happening right now at Lamanna High in Priest River under the guise of “the importance of values of being a good human being that is respectful to all in order to progress society peacefully”.

I enquired if parental permission was required to join this club. No answer. When I asked if I could sit-in on a class, I was told that community was not allowed. What are they hiding?

If you care for our future generation, please attend the next School Board meeting on Wednesday, November 21st at 6 pm, at the WBCSD Administrative Office on 134 Main Street, Priest River.

Maureen Paterson
Priest River


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7 Comments on Transgender Bathrooms in Priest River

  1. Once you cross the line and accommodate this issue you will address every student going forward. Speaking from experience make them use the facility that suits there current sex.

  2. Sick, Twisted, Evil people are everywhere and their numbers are only increasing, aided and abetted by Academia, Drug cartels, Libs, and their ILK.

  3. As a potential newcomer to Idaho, who btw is leaving the insane morally bankrupt liberal infested sewer of New York State , I am horrified . Mental illness , child abuse , perversion, pedophilia have no place in Idaho or any other State. You will all be judged by what you do and what you fail to do. Do you keep Gods Commands , Laws , ordinances and covenants or do you allow sinful, faulted vain man dictate what is good ? Believer or not , we all die and get to find out if there is a God…for me and my family , We believe. We will pray that your hearts and heads become hardened and the Holy Spirit fills you and you repent of your evil ways.I love you all.

  4. This is pure filth and abomination. Abhorrent and perverse people will always be among us but a society must not let these type of people become normalized and thus spread their perversions including Sodomites and their like minded evil ones.GOD will judge this nation for normalizing homosexuals and thus worshiping evil. The Priest River school system is filled with evil anti Christian spirits. This is another good reason to vote NO on every school levy.

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