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Our Local Library Has Failed To Do Their Job

Vote Stacy Rodriguez on May 16th! 

Our Local Library Has Failed To Do Their Job

Our Local Library Has Failed To Do Their Job

My young children are avid, curious readers, like my husband and I when we were young.  We adored wandering library stacks for books from which we could learn, and want the same for our children.  

As parents, we are used to finding low quality content with poor values in children’s library books.  We have viewed it as our responsibility as parents to sift through this literature with our children and help them to recognize quality and truth where it exists.  That’s a parent’s job.

What we did not expect to find on children’s bookshelves, however, is literature that contains graphic images of sex acts and descriptions of how to upload selfies and find locals for sexual encounters.  This is what our children’s library contains now.  Protecting our children from these books is a library’s job, and our local library has failed.

In the way that the movie industry rates movies, and internet filters screen obscene content for young users, the public is asking for separate shelves for books with mature content.  No one calls it censorship, nor banning, when movies are labeled inappropriate for certain age groups.

Why is this an issue?

It is because our library incumbent supports these books, along with drag queen story hour.  That is why I support Stacy Rodriguez, who has a common sense approach to using library resources and to protecting our children from excessive obscenity and adult content.

Thank you,

Clark Gadson


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  1. Hi,
    We have an election for library trustee positions in Boundary County this coming Tuesday. Our library has been rocked by scandal for the last two years under the present board. There are two positions open this Tuesday. Mary E Wilson and Lewis Clark are running against the incumbents. The mess occurred under the incumbents. They need to be removed so we can contine the cleanup of the Boundary County Library. So citizens of Boundary County’s zone 3 and 5 need to vote for Mary E. Wilson (Zone 5) and Lewis Clark (Zone 3).

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