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WA State WILL Teach Transgenderism to 5yo Kids

Kindergartners ARE introduced to the propaganda version of 'Transgenderism'.


Washington State WILL Teach Transgenderism to Your Kindergartners

Snopes Debunked

by Shari Dovale

As was reported on multiple websites this week, Washington State WILL teach your children their Socialist rhetoric and Left-Wing Extremist agenda on Transgenderism.

Now, as fast as they possibly could, which in this case was less than two days, SNOPES, the left-wing extremist Voice of Socialist propaganda, came out to debunk the negativity surrounding the announcement.

To be sure, they did NOT say that it is FALSE. What they said is that it is UNPROVEN .

Snopes Debunked

This is a blatant attempt to push more propaganda, as we will show you the written truth of the new standards.

Some of you are shocked to hear Snopes is not the last word on truth – that it is not the bible of rumors and urban legends,” wrote WND’s Joseph Farah.

Yet, so many uneducated citizens see them as some well-staffed think tank of researchers, journalists and computer hacks that must be speaking truth. They are not.

The ‘Washington State K–12 Learning Standards for Health and Physical Education‘ for 2016 were released and have been making headlines.

It itemizes, and makes clear, the objectives for each grade beginning with Kindergarten. It also emphasizes that the National Standards have been adopted verbatim. So, whatever DC decides, then Washington State will bow down and follow. (Gee, I wonder if they are afraid of losing all that Federal Money?)

As you can see here, Kindergartners ARE introduced to the propaganda version of ‘Transgenderism’.


“Understand there are many ways to express gender.”


What else can that mean? Does it mean ‘UNPROVEN’? No, the State makes it very clear that they are going to tell your 4-5 years old that they can be a boy one day, a girl the next, and maybe a dog on Thursdays. How about Tri-Sexual on Fridays?

However, they will not tell your children that they can be Christian and identify with the Biblical teachings and reject their ideology. That is not allowed.

They will also instruct your children that they are not allowed to disagree with someone’s chosen gender, or call them out on it, even in the privacy of the restroom.

Your children will be told that there is no more privacy in restrooms, and they will have to get over seeing grown men naked in their safe-space.

Your children will be indoctrinated.

Transgenderism You can “OPT OUT” of certain selections here, and that is only if you know to do that. (OOPS, did they forget to tell you?)

How about OPTING IN, instead? They found, years ago, that most people will go with the flow, so to speak. If they must Opt IN, very few would sign up. That is why they CHANGED it to an Opt OUT system. TA-DA! They’ve got you!

Now, that really is the biggest news of these standards, BUT it is not the only news. If you read the full list, you will notice other tidbits. Such as not asking the parents if they can discuss testicular self-exams with their daughters and sons. (As you can see, they do not discriminate.) How about changing the narrative to “self-awareness” instead of self-examination when it comes to discussing girl’s breasts? (Again, there is no discrimination. They will teach this to boys and girls.)

Additionally, they are going to drill it in to your children that they can get birth control and abortions without their parents consent. I say “Drill It In” because they are planning to repeat this to the children Each and Every year, starting in Sixth Grade!


No mention that the parents SHOULD have a say in this, as they have set the standards for their family’s ethics and morals. The schools have taken it upon themselves to write the family out of the equation.

Transgenderism Another point against the family: In grade 5, these same schools are intending to stress to your children who THEY BELIEVE are ‘Trusted Adults’ that your children can speak to about transgenderism. This is not, necessarily, YOU! It used to be that parents decided who was trustworthy with their children. Now the schools are deciding without consulting the parents.

The schools are aiding and abetting on the destruction of the American Family.

That is the gist of the whole thing. The top priority of Marxism was the abolition of the family; Marx laid down the strategy for its destruction. It is very simple: Exterminate the family. More and more evidence is piling up to show that this is exactly what is happening in America.

From the Communist Manifesto

Do you want your children indoctrinated in the Communist way of thinking? It is time to set up Homeschooling Co-ops with your neighbors and friends. If they could do it in ‘Little House on the Prairie” you can do it here. I know of different churches that would open their doors to such an idea.

Government Schools are Left-Wing Extremist Indoctrination Centers.

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