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Are We Headed to a Second “Final Resolution”?

Our nation survived all these former crises that could have destroyed it.

Are We Headed to a Second "Final Resolution"?

Are We Headed to a Second “Final Resolution”?

by Pete Ketcham

History is replete with violent revolutions, uprisings, and anarchy when the political divide between a country’s people is so great, they are no longer able to peaceably agree or  communicate. Our nation reached this point in 1861 when the Civil War began over the issue of states rights and slavery. As many know, this war resulted in the death of approximately 600,000 people, with multiple cities, farms, railroads, and livestock destroyed. Other examples of this type of “final resolution” can be found throughout the world, with the South America nations being our most recent and closest examples.

Based on history (especially our own), we in America today now seem to be heading to a second violent “final resolution”. Once again we are rapidly approaching a point where we are no longer able to peaceably agree or communicate on any political issue. The divide between the godless liberal left and the God fearing conservative right is growing prodigiously on a daily basis, and under the present political climate there appears no chance that either side will modify their views, and come over to the apposite side. The irrational, illogical, godless left is not about to embrace Godly wisdom and reality, nor will the God fearing right abandon their christian principles to join the left.

Unless there is some intervening catastrophe that overtakes this nation, we are inexorably moving to a violent final solution. This is illustrated on a daily basis as the hate from the left wing media, the entertainment industry, the LGBT, and the democratic party increases almost to the point of insanity. This is greater than the divisive rhetoric that proceeded the start of the civil war, despite the fact that both sides of that conflict shared a common Christian belief.

During the civil war there were only two basic issues of conflict, slavery & states rights, but today there are numerous issues that are in conflict. Thus with the present division of the liberal left and the conservative right, there seems to be little chance of our present division being resolved by peaceful means. In fact we are already seeing violent destructive protests at colleges and in the streets of our cities, all of which appear to be sanctioned and approved by the left. Lastly, the left is getting so totally filled with irrational consuming hate, that they will probably be the first to resort to all out violence to push their agenda.

There is one caveat to this current division, and that was the election of Trump. By all logic of past political elections, Trump should never have made it to the White House. The fact that he did I can only attribute to Divine intervention, and If indeed that is the case, perhaps Divine intervention may once again be evident when this forthcoming final resolution takes place. I base this belief on our history of having the key leaders in place during the Revolutionary War, The War of 1812, and the Civil War.

Our nation survived all these former crises that could have destroyed it, and although it is going to get much worse before it gets better, I believe that we, as a constitutional nation will survive this forthcoming “Final Resolution”.


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