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Luke Malek is a Phony and a Crony

Malek’s entry into Idaho’s first district congressional race is nothing more than an attempt to keep Russ Fulcher from winning.

Luke Malek is a Phony and a Crony

Luke Malek is a Phony and a Crony

(Gem State Patriot) – A couple of quick political comments on Luke Malek and Governor Otter. Malek’s entry into Idaho’s first district congressional race is nothing more than a way to dilute and redistribute the vote by the crony establishment in an attempt to keep Russ Fulcher from winning. It’s no different than the payback comment that Otter threw out at Labrador on Charlottesville because he didn’t endorse him in the last election but instead endorsed Russ Fulcher. Does anyone get the idea that our governor holds a grudge unless you are a campaign contributor?

Most people won’t remember that Luke Malek was the representative who led the gang of 14 Idaho house members in bringing the State Health Insurance Exchange and Obamacare to Idaho along with Governor Otter’s support. Malek led the charge and over 100,000 Idahoans had their insurance canceled and are now paying premiums twice and three times what they had before the exchange.

We just want to remind the public that Cool Hand Luke Malek is not a friend of the people he serves. Malek in 2016 was also one of the vocal representatives who wanted to expand Medicaid by 78,000 but had no way to pay for it. Maybe he thought that you the taxpayer would like to donate a bit more in taxes to the state to pay for the expansion since the federal government is talking about cutting back on payments and eventually cutting them all together.

We have been writing about the benefits of medicinal CBD oil for more than a year, yet it should be noted that Governor Otter is just not going to let this legislation pass if he can help it. It appears that he has a company with Rep. Malek because when asked about the medical use of marijuana in our state, his comment was, “Having been a prosecutor, I know what a farce medical marijuana is.”

Let us ask you, Cool Hand Luke, what about those suffering from diseases that marijuana has been found to help, or don’t you care about 1,500 Idahoans with epilepsy? He calls the campaign to legalize medical marijuana a predatory campaign by the drug cartels. I often wonder if Mr. Malek actually thinks before he opens his mouth to espouse his words of wisdom.

Malek is also the same representative who spoke to a crowd of 300 people in Kootenai County and said that he votes the way he believes not the way his constituents want him to vote. Luke likes big government which you can see by some of his past history. He will be nothing more than a continuation of the cronyism that we have experienced for the past 11 years with the Otter administration, only he would carry it to Washington D.C. We don’t need another attorney in government; we need someone who understands both government and business in order to stop the wasteful spending.

In June of this year, it was Rep. Luke Malek and Rep. Mat Erpelding who wrote an OP-ED piece opposing President Trump’s proposed rollback of improved trade relations with Cuba. They claim that Idaho would gain if trade is opened with Cuba, but we ask, at what price? What part of the words “oppressive government” doesn’t Rep. Malek understand?

This is a government of systematic human rights abuses including arbitrary imprisonment and unfair trials. Cuba still provides shelter for known terrorists and is a known supporter of newly elected Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro. The U.S. has slapped sanctions on this man and called the elections a sham. Another bad suggestion by Rep. Malek.

We are not entirely sure why Malek entered the race for the first congressional seat, but we can assure you that his so-called conservative values are nowhere to be found. This is not the man we need to represent Idaho in Washington and in fact, we are not sure he should be in any political office with his past history. Would someone liberty-minded please run for his legislative seat?

“We Get the Government We Deserve.”

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3 Comments on Luke Malek is a Phony and a Crony

  1. In the article it comments that ‘cool hand luke’ said before a crowd “Malek is also the same representative who spoke to a crowd of 300 people in Kootenai County and said that he votes the way he believes not the way his constituents want him to vote.” With an attitude like that it causes me to wonder how in their right mind would any voter want a jerk like that in office to ‘represent them’ ?

  2. Yes…he is….his policy’s has almost destroyed our safety cause…at dangerous …last year over 600 Americans..have been killed by passenger cars that tow trailers including loose loads like the hay bale that almost killed him this week.

  3. It is important for Patriots to quit pretending we can have an honest conversation about USA policies without a Tabula Rasa mindset. In effect, Alexander the Great untying the Gordian Knot {turns head and coughs}.

    For instance, while the USA had an “embargo” against Communist Cuba (supposedly a viable form of government…just ask them) this kind of stuff was going on:

    “Shortly after the Mexican government had loaned $55 million to Fidel Castro, it announced to the banks: “We will pay only what we have, and no more.” Whereupon Paul Volker, head of the Federal Reserve, rushed to meet with Mexico’s finance minister, Jesus Silva Herzog, and offered to put the American taxpayer into the breach. A $600 million short-term loan was extended to get Mexico past its election date of July 4. It was called a “currency swap” because Mexico exchanged an equal number of pesos which it promised to redeem in U.S. dollars. Pesos, of course, were worthless in international markets – which is the reason Mexico wanted the dollars.

    The importance of this loan was not its size nor even the question of repayment. It was the manner in which it was made. First, it was made by the Federal Reserve directly, acting as a central bank for Mexico, not the U.S.; and secondly, it was done almost in total secrecy. (circa 1982)” – “The Creature from Jekyll Island” by G. Edward Griffin

    So, we loan Mexico money…Mexico loans Cuba money…Mexico defaults…Cuba calls us Imperialist Capitalist Pigs…WTF?! Anybody feel raped?

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