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Great Turn Out! Kootenai County Mass Transit Meeting

Put the primary Kootenai County hub near the fairgrounds where the County already owns lands.

Great Turn Out! Kootenai County Mass Transit Meeting

Great turn out at the Kootenai County meeting to stop the Mass Transit hub to Spokane

by The Bard of the American Redoubt

Thank you to all the patriots (as defined by libertarian-leaning Orthodox Christians and Jews who are modern day anti-federalists) that took time out of their evening to come and support us as we tried to express our opposition to allowing the large new Transit Center from going into Riverstone.  We should give a special shout out to Redoubt News which really supported local patriots as usual.

There were approximately 100 people who showed up.  There were about 30 people who spoke, and everyone except for the Democratic Party of Kootenai County and one lady spoke against the transit center.   We clearly advocated for at least not expanding the current system.  If it works well for the people now, leave it alone.  Why does the government always want to grow?   At this meeting Kootenai County employees were forced admit they had always planned to use this as a hub to link to Spokane.  They were also forced to admit that their recommended changes will require … more taxes from cities in North Idaho.

The leadership of Hayden anticipated this and sent in a letter this night telling Kootenai County to “pound sand.”  No taxes more taxes from the city of Hayden.  If you live out there, tell your Mayor and City Council thank you!  Coeur d’Alene Police Chief Lee White indicated hesitation for his support of this transit center if it was connected to inner-city Spokane.  You think?  He said he had personal experience linking essentially suburbia to the city through mass transit.  If you link a high crime area to a low crime area guess what happens to the low crime area?  It goes up.  I is be smart at this stuff.

When you find yourself in a hole the first thing to do is to stop digging. Patriots and even Republicans “normally” believe the size, scope, and cost of government should be reduced whenever possible. Patriots and most Republicans support lower local taxes. The obvious way tax reductions can be achieved at the local level is by cutting spending at the local level. Thus we view any expansion of the size, scope or cost of government critically.

Some talk about “Christian values” and government spending as if the two can even be linked. Most revenues the government has access too, especially at the local area are taken by force. No one asks us if we want to pay property taxes, they say if you want the “privilege” of owning property you must pay the government rent (property tax). Sales tax and all other taxes are taken by force. When you take something by force, it is called theft. All government revenues are basically you and I going out and mugging people on the weekend. Then on Monday morning a bunch of ladies likes to sit around and see “what good” they can do by dividing up the proceeds of our theft. Of course, since the government is big, their theft, like the large banks is legalized. However, it is still theft. What we morally want to do is to stop mugging people. Stop the theft.  For now, we can reduce the theft.  You can read more at the American Thinker and their post  Charity by Force: Jesus vs. Marx.

The argument that “we should get ours” from the federal government because they own 60% of Idaho and have converted rural America West of the Mississippi to a glorified Native American (actually First Immigrant) reservation for Red State (mostly) whites is a welfare argument.  Idaho is already a welfare state, this is a Republican politician making the argument for more welfare.  To hear a so-called Christian conservative talk about how we should get our bucket out to take what we can from the federal government is in principle the same argument, the very same argument that the Obama phone people use.  Just on a much larger scale. The federal government has done some wrong, the service or product is available for “free” (proceeds from government legalized theft, 20 trillion dollars in debt) so “let us get ours.” I do not want to hear anyone talk about “welfare queens” if the Republican leadership uses the same arguments to “get theirs.” Modern day anti-federalist (i.e. patriots) hate more entanglement with the federal government.  A Commissioner was loudly booed when he tried to make the case to get more federal dollars.

I wish we could remix the Obama phone lady into the rural white republicans saying get their mass transit on.”   Whites got their federal dollarsUncle sugar gave us some FHA funds, he gonna do more.  At least the phones didn’t cost that much.  And just so we are clear, for the dishonest press no one is advocating going “cold turkey” which would be nice, but would “shock” the system.  Many people are advocating on trying really hard not  to do more (welfare, government theft, entanglements with the federal government) and to reduce taxes (theft) in the future if possible.

It is my opinion, I and believe of many others, that if you advocate for charity through the force of government, more entanglements and dependency upon the federal government, this is a liberal and progressive argument.  Thus I call you a liberal or progressive.  No matter your party affiliation.

At the meeting, the Patriots advocated to stop digging and to reduce not expand federal entanglements. This means keep the system as it is, and not to expand it. We can sell this land they want for their transit center and split up the proceeds. Put the primary Kootenai County hub near the fairgrounds where the County already owns lands. Ensure that County officials know that a significant number of County residents oppose connecting North Idaho mass transit to Spokane city.

Thank you all for coming out to support.  For those who could not make it, thank you for the email support.   It got heated sometimes, but I will tell you it was amazing to see patriots and Republicans in the same room advocating for the same thing.  I believe the Commissioners will debate this at some time in the near future.  We hope that the two Commissioners who voted for this will reconsider their support for this transit center.  Here is some decent coverage of the event from the Coeur d’Alene / Post Falls Press article Transit Center Testimony Plentiful.


H/T Charles Carroll Society, who also provided all photos for this article.