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Are They Really Torturing Ammon Bundy?

The day will come that the barbaric behavior against him inside prison, will be used on a wider scale.

Torturing Ammon Bundy
Photo credit: Vice Magazine - What Happens When Inmates in Solitary Confinement Blow the Whistle on Their Abuse?

Are They Really Torturing Ammon Bundy?

by Loren Edward Pearce

Lisa Bundy, wife of imprisoned protester Ammon Bundy, received several messages from people who had heard her description of what happened to her husband while in a 3 foot by 3 foot shower stall in the Nevada Southern Detention Center and challenged her as to its veracity. They said they could not believe what she was saying was true.

Therein lies the very essence of what is wrong with America, especially Main Street in Mayberry America. Americans live in a bubble. A bubble consisting of trips to Walmart, piano recitals, walking the dog and weekend outings in the RV. No, the description that Lisa Bundy gives us does not fit in our bubble and so we reject it. She must be exaggerating, she must be embellishing the truth in order to get more sympathy. Maybe she is lying to get more donations. This is America, for goodness sake, things like what she describes happened to her husband Ammon simply don’t happen in America. Now, if he was in North Korea, then yes, that and worse can happen there.

Those who know Ammon Bundy will testify that a more honest, humble, meek and mild man than him is difficult to find. Darkness hates light. Ammon radiates light.

We are seeing, first hand, the same dynamics that brought about the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. The same hate, the same evil, the same lust for pain and humiliation that was poured out on the Lamb of God. People like Bundy either bring out the best or the worst in humanity. Right now, he is bringing out the worst as the prison guards and their handlers seek to break him and his spirit. Ammon is also popping the bubble for millions of Americans who now must either wake up to the awful reality of what Americans are capable of doing to other Americans or, they simply roll over and go back to sleep.

During his prison phone call to Kelli Stewart, he was describing what happened to him.  Kelli later remarked, “That is not the same Ammon that we know. He sounds like a broken man.” Many people responded in comments, “No, he can’t be broken”. “Don’t let them break you Ammon.” “The Bundys will not be broken.” We are not in his place, we have no comprehension of the pain he is going through. Ammon will be broken, it is inevitable. Everybody has their breaking point. Instead of asking him not to break, you should break open your wallet and contribute to , break away from your TV set, break away from your favorite recreational activity and write a letter to your congressional representative.

Break the bubble that surrounds you and face reality.

Ammon told Lisa that he believed that the prisons are training grounds for people to become cruel and without compassion, so that they can later be used against the general civilian population. The day will come that the barbaric behavior against him inside prison, will be used on a wider scale. Bundy reported that his beating and his mistreatment were filmed. Could those films be used for training?

For those of you who are fully awake to the reality of what is happening, now is the time to act. Become a bubble popper. Help others come out of their bubbles, the bubble known as the American Dream. If enough people wake up and demand that their country return to its constitutional and moral roots, then the American Dream of prosperity and happiness can be restored, built on a solid foundation of morality and goodness, not on a bubble of illusion and denial.



23 Comments on Are They Really Torturing Ammon Bundy?

  1. My heart goes out to Ammon and Lisa. The things that they are doing to Ammon make me sick. It sickens me to see how the world can be so evil. As for Lisa, I hope she can continue to stay strong. I can’t even imagine how it would be to so suddenly become a single mom and have to tell my kids every single night why their father can’t sing them to sleep at night or why they can’t see their dad in person. They are such a sweet, strong family and I know this first hand. The Bundy’s are an old family friend. My younger sister was best friends with their oldest. I babysat their kids and my family would go to their house and have parties. My family helped their family when they lived in Arizona and had to have armed surveillance at their house for protection while Ammon was in Nevada. This needs to stop. Why can’t the world see the horror that is happening to our fellow country men? Why can’t they see the corruption that is constantly surrounding them?

  2. Check out the ‘Federal Guideline for Prisons and
    Jails’. Prison officials have committed felonies against prisoners in Nevada. Maybe if they realize that people out there know they’re abusing the political prisoners, they may realize they are personally liable for any harm that happens to the prisoners. They worry when their guidelines are in the public.

  3. I’m saddened and shocked by the public’s surprise at the corruption in our corrections system. When people turn a blind eye to something long enough such as our prisons, the corrupt will take the money and run.
    Private prisons are a haven for corruption. One of the latest scandals with private prisons was in Idaho in 2014, and CCA lost that contract but state officials were knee deep in it and the FBI was called in.
    My son was in prison for 2 years and has fortunately been given a second chance. God bless the Bundy’s and all other families facing these challenges.

  4. I’m truly disgusted with what the system gets away with on the daily basis. For those that believe these types of situations doesn’t occur in America, I believe that you either supporting the scumbags with their illegal recreation; or your participating in this sick garbage. Tampering with evidence and keeping any credible witnesses out of the way would be the goal at this time for ALL employed at the Detention Center. I heard that the Detention Center was locked down. Please correct if that information is false. If it isn’t, it only makes since to prohibit phone calls, restrict visits, and anything that indicates their wrong doing. Someone should first have checked the condition and made observation of any injuries reported, disclosed, or witnessed by anyone. My prayers goes out to the family and the real victims involved. If you look at the bigger picture, All American Citizens who aren’t working with the corrupt system are potential victims. To all the great people standing up together and striving to put a stop to this madness, Im sure the Lord Jesus will take care of the rest. Just remember our numbers can be so large with great people standing up. They can’t have enough space with jails, prisons, nor have the man power to shut the mouthes of the entire U.S.A. SO LETS KEEP AT IT UNTIL SOMETHING IS DONE.

  5. First off, I used to be a corrections officer for a privately ran prison in southern Virginia. While not all inmates lie about being abused, I myself had complaints filed against me by various inmates because they believed I was being inhumane to them or abusing them. The reason they file complaints against officers is because they want to get the officers in trouble for following the rules and will say or do what ever they need to do to get an officer in trouble. If an inmate refuses to obey the rules while he is incarcerated and then cries when he is forced to follow the rules of face the consequences of his actions then you people want to cry abuse maybe you need to read the rule book for all US prisons and memorize it and quit putting the blame on people trying to protect each and every inmate in the prisons around the US. Corrections officers have to protect the public, each other and THEN the inmates, in that order. If you don’t like it then Dolby break the law and keep your whining complaining a** out of jail. It’s situations like this that has ruined America, people crying wolf without proof. Everything that happened to Mr. Gundy is on film, it is one of those rules that prisons must follow, when the emergency response team is called in they are required by laws to record everything. Get your facts before you start slandering someone for doing their job as they work hard to keep hot headed law breakers on a daily basis.

    • After retiring as a Deputy Sheriff, I went to work at a State Prison, where I witnessed intentional retaliation on inmates for various reasons by Sadistic Officers who enjoyed abusing their power over others. This behavior is rampant among prison workers, as there is no Psychological Evaluations done on these people. You sound like you may be one of those egotistical sadist.
      One thing I am certain, Ammon Bundy would not provoke these individuals for any reason and we both know that it is easy to get around the camera’s, you aren’t fooling anybody.

    • What you say could be true but I think that what is being done to Ammon Bundy is true with all the actions before
      ,during and after the event (s) and that by you coming out with your name withheld and not even knowing how to spell Ammons name tells me that you are part of the problem and it is beyond acceptable for your apparently bias post. This is a very clear case of the Gov. And the pencil pushers out of control and YOU only help them with your BS
      Not to mention those others who have been detained and or arrested just for being in contact or present why is that bet you don’t have an answer for that smart guy

  6. I have started a FaceBook group aimed at making the Corrections Corporation of America lose massive amounts of money and hopefully take a complete nose dive and go out of business completely. The Group is called “Operation CCA Stock Plunge” and it could use as many active members as possible to be effective. This strategy has worked before when used against Monsanto. It cause a large dip in their stock price which cost them tens of millions. Here is the link so hopefully Sheri will approve this so you can see it. All non-violent legal ideas about how to go after CCA are welcome in the group so please join and lets take this fight to them.

  7. The truth about our corrupt prison system and officers. So sad to see good men attacked.

  8. Don’t know I’d compare him to Jesus but this it exactly the way that Nazi Germany started. And the Soviet Union! A brutal police state where the rule of law is not followed it a very real danger to ALL of us!!

  9. This abuse is happening in every prison across the USA…IT MUST STOP AND WE HAVE TO START BELIEVING WHAT INMATES ARE TELLING US !!!!

  10. This whole federal occupation is the result of the Reid family. They wanted his land and the BLM land so they could sell it to a solar company (China) and the Reid family would make millions!Julie

  11. Get a copy of The Federal Guidelines for prisons and Jails. It list 353 prisoners rights. This is not easy to find. You must have a research licence in order to request it form The Library of Congress once in hand you can have it for 10 days to memorize it is about 1 and a half inches thick before it has to go back. This is the Rule book all US Prisons and Jails must follow. Any violations are felonies and charges should be brought against guards duty officers and their superiors for the violations of these rights.

  12. Good article…It dawned on me while reading it that any Prison within 200 miles of The Bundy Ranch, would have guards, that in some way, know or are Family with, one of the many BLM thugs and/or Metro, that so obviously wanted one Rancher to take a shot at them, so they could “Light them up.”
    Granted the guys no doubt want to be close to their Families…It is very upsetting that the abuses continue against these Men.

  13. What is the name of the prison? Do they have a Facebook page or website? The local sheriff needs to inspect the prisoners and the video tapes of what is going on inside! This is not Gitmo! These people are held without bail or charges? Child Protection Services (CPS) would come into a family upon a tip and remove a child from an abusive situation. Who is helping these inmates? It does not sound like these inmates are dangerous, only the ones running the prison! Sue that corporation for inhumanity and abuse!

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