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Burns Chronicles – Robert “Rob” Seever

Seever is one of the six “outside” informants.

Burns Chronicles – Robert “Rob” Seever

Burns Chronicles No 47
Robert “Rob” Seever

by Gary Hunt
December 19, 2016

Rob Seever joined a start up militia in Fallon, Nevada, started by Corey Lequieu in January 2015.  He had been a reserve deputy in Yamhill County and a clerk of a District Attorney in Washington, before moving to Nevada.  He met Lequieu through Modern Militia Movement (MMM).  Lequieu and Seever became close friends over the following months.

Lequieu had been active with Operation Mutual Aid (OMA), an organization created by Jerry Bruckhart and Ryan Payne.  Many of those who participated in discussions appended “OMA” to their Facebook names and otherwise express their commitment to what OMA stood for.

Among those OMA supporters were Robert Beecher (the Demonization of Robert Beecher) and Kevin “KC” Massey (Update #1 on K. C. Massey).  The government targeted both of them, and both are currently serving prison terms.  It seems that the OMA membership list may have become a hit list for the FBI.

When I first spoke with Lequieu, he said that if Seever were an informant, he would have turned “after he came home from Burns, in December 2015”.  However, after I provided Lequieu some of the information from the 1023 forms (CHS Reporting Documents), he realized that Seever had started informing much earlier.  Seever’s first report was filed on November 22, 2015.  He begins his first report with the text of a message that he sent to Ammon Bundy:

“Thanks for the update.  I have been following what is going on with the Hammond’s and it is truly awful. I am a native Oregonian and a former reserve deputy (Yamhill County, OR); I am also a member of the OathKeepers. I will be contacting Sheriff Ward tomorrow and if necessary I am more than willing to travel to Burns. Enough is enough. Just give me the word and I’ll be there.

I appreciate your helping the Hammond’s and this is something I definitely want to be a part of if any help is needed. You are welcome to contact me at anytime.

God bless you,”

He follows that with:

I provided my name, address, and phone number.

xxxx I responded in this manner to Ammon Bundy due to our conversation about my being sent in to a situation, where Brian Rapolla would likely be present.

Brian Rapolla may possibly be Brandon Rapolla, OathKeepers.  No explanation as to why he might be concerned about Rapolla’s presence.

His next report was filed on December 14, 2015.  It indicates that he “has reported reliably in the past”, which would probably include more informing prior to the November 22 report.

CHS, who has reported reliably in the past, advised that Cory Lequieu told CHS that he would be taking his AR-15 with him when he goes to Oregon in support of the Hammonds.

Corey Lequieu is a convicted felon and Seever was fully aware of that fact.

This information was emailed to FBI on December 14, 2015.

Lequieu says there is a growing rift between Payne and his group, Operation Mutual Defense (OMD) and the Pacific Patriots Network (PPN) which Soper is a part of. Both organizations want to get involved in protecting the Hammonds, but the OMD is far more radical and willing to use force. The PPN is not as quick to use force and while they want to support the Hammonds, the PPN are not wanting “direct action” so there is a conflict. Soper is also unhappy with Payne because he did not inform Lequieu & Bass about how extreme and potentially deadly the weather conditions routinely are in that part of Oregon this time of year.

Payne is extremely angry over the way court went for Schuyler Barbeau (in Seattle?), that he was kept in custody on no bail. Payne was also angry over the heavy handed LE show of force, describing DHS SWAT teams and snipers on the rooftops, intended to intimidate the peaceful patriots, about 25 of them, that showed up to support Barbeau in court.

Payne was negotiating with the over the road truck driver (presently gone to Colorado and not coming back home until January) owner and his wife (she is at home) for the use of their shop to house militia members. I now have some additional information. xxxx the wife is a waitress at the truck stop in Burns. The shop can hold about 40 people and it has a big wood stove. In addition, the couple has a heated horse trailer with a bed in it. The trailer is occupied now but if some sort of arrangement can be made to move the horses elsewhere, Payne may have the use of the trailer for personnel as well as the shop or in place of the shop. Lequieu may be staying there if everything works out. The husband and wife sound sympathetic to the militia/patriot cause and may also be anti-government.

Jason Patrick is from Georgia and has already lost his job due to his extremist & militia activities. xxxx Patrick was one of the armed people “on the bridge” during the Bundy Ranch standoff; militia members on the bridge were aiming their weapons at BLM personnel and LE/others from what I understand. So if your colleagues did not already know about this, Patrick is a likely suspect in that weapon pointing incident.

Email dated December 12, 2015:

xxxx  Moradi is an Oregon member of the National Liberty Alliance (NLA), a nationwide sovereign citizen group. xxxx and Moradi told me that the NLA is involved with it at the request of the Bundy’s, also remarking that Laura Weaver is involved (Weaver is a hardcore sovereign citizen in Oregon that I know well)

Moradi’s messages quoted:

“Please be in touch w/ Laura [Weaver]. There’re great news coming up. She has been putting lots of hours w/the Hammonds recently. NLA has been working w/them and we may need to assemble a CLGJ in that county. The Bundys have asked NLA to help them.”

“The Bundys are watching. This will put NLA on the map.”

xxxx per Ammon Bundy, the sheriff had a copy of a CLGJ handbook (from the NLA? sounds like it) on his desk. So Weaver says the sheriff presumably knows the right thing to be doing here, which is following the CLGJ’s commands, never minding that the CLGJ in reality is not a legal entity at all but a group of sovereign citizens claiming a nonexistent and bogus authority.

Email dated December 12, 2015:

They xxxx have been able to sleep inside so far, and last night they slept inside a large shop “in town” (presumably Burns) that is “big enough for a platoon” per Lequieu. The shop belongs to a truck driver that is gone out on the road now, and his wife who is home. xxxx that Payne is negotiating with the couple for the ongoing use of their shop, so that they will have a place to sleep inside and out of the elements. If the negotiation is successful it sounds like the shop will be used to house multiple militia members.

xxxx that the national militia call-out will come “just before Christmas” and Payne says this will be a real test of the patriotism and commitment of militias due to the extreme weather conditions. Lequieu added that regardless of anything else such as negotiations from the Bundy’s to try and get the government to back down on the Hammonds, that the national militia call-out is still coming and is a sure thing.

“Weaver/Walker is also held in very high esteem, is very well respected and influential among Oregon NLA and other sovereigns. She is a natural leader and an extreme fanatic. Real trouble.”

Email dated December 14, 2015:

No answer on Bass’ cell [phone number omitted]. xxxx Ryan Payne [phone number omitted]. Payne xxxx he is in Seattle now. So he will likely be present for Barbeau’s hearing. Payne said as far as he knows, Lequieu and Bass are fine and still in Harney County. Does not sound like they are going to Seattle. “

Email dated December 16, 2015:

CHS, who has reported reliably in the past, advised that the community meeting was held last evening (12/15/2015) and a “Safety Council” was established. The safety Council will meet today (12/16/2015) to determine their role in the Hammond matter. Ryan Payne apparently wants to know when CHS can travel to Harney County to assist. CHS advised that no new information regarding Schuyler Barbeau except that supporters are planning on being present for his next court appearance on 12/21/2015. Via email, CHS provided photos of Payne, Lequieu, Patrick and others in Harney County. CHS also provided two photos of a flyer posted after the community meeting. These will be uploaded to the substantive files.

He then describes the individuals in a series of photographs taken during the meeting.  He was present in Burns, at this time.

Email dated December 16, 2015:

Payne wants “10 shooters” to respond to Burns NOW. Calls are being made right now all over the country in order to get the shooters en route. Jason Patrick, who is generally unarmed, is now carrying a .45 caliber semi-auto pistol with an extended magazine.

Email dated December 21, 2015:

CHS, who has reported reliably in the past, advised that Ryan Payne and the others left Burns unarmed but they are now carrying sidearms. CHS did know exactly where they came from. xxxx John Ritzheimer wants to sling his AR-15 over his shoulder and show it as a display, outside the Federal Courthouse. Payne is going to be in plain clothes and away from everyone else. Payne will be armed. Cooper will be in the courtroom to stare down the Judge. Patrick’s sister (name unknown) will video record. CHS not sure if she will be inside the courthouse or outside.

CHS advised that 4-5 people from Reno are going to Seattle for the hearing. One of the people from Reno is Gary Underhill.

Payne and the others are staying in Multkio, WA. (Not sure of the spelling). It is north of Seattle. Staying at Patrick’s mom’s place, [address omitted]. They are leaving tomorrow morning (12/22/2015) heading back to Burns, Oregon. No plans regarding breaking Barbeau out or about the transport. CHS advised that Payne is “absolutely” set on getting Barbeau out and mentioned that they just need to wait for more shooters. No further information.

CHS also reported that the Safety Council in Burns is to meet tonight and vote on the militia helping. If it is a ’No’ vote, the militia will be leaving. If a ’Yes” vote they will be staying. CHS could not provide more detail as he/she had to get off the phone.

Sunday, December 20, 2015, as detailed below: [probably phone call report.]

Saturday [December 19]: Ryan Payne, Cory Lequieu, Deborah Bass, and Jason Patrick are leaving Harney County to attend Schuler Barbeau’s court appearance on Monday. They are leaving Sunday night or Monday morning. CHS is not sure if they are taking weapons. Plans to break Barbeau out of jail seem to have fizzled out. Payne’s request for ten shooters seems to be changing to a more broad national call out. CHS said the holidays are making it difficult to get people to commit.

Payne and company are going to head to Seattle on Monday. They are going to be joined by John LNU and Joe Oshunnesey. They are going to be traveling unarmed. Payne and Patrick were interviewed by an Oregonian reporter. Patty is leaving on Wednesday for a week but her house will still be available. Bass is not going to Seattle.


Payne and company are going to be leaving shortly for Schuyler Barbeau’s court appearance. They will be traveling in a Dark Grey, Mazda, CA license plate number [omitted]. Also traveling are Joe Oshaughnessy, Blaine Cooper,  and John Ritzheimer. Ritzheimer is driving a Silver, Ford, F-150, AZ license plate [omitted] with a large sticker in the back window that says “Fuck Islam.” Cooper and Oshaughnessy are driving a Black Jeep, AZ license plates [omitted]. They have no immediate plans to return and CHS thinks Payne plans on staying a couple of days. They will be staying at a trailer park in Seattle. Payne said that they should not take weapons but CHS is not confident that they won’t. Payne and Patrick have been observed carrying pistols on their right hips. They do not plan on entering the courthouse. They are going to dress in camouflage uniforms and congregate on the court house steps.

Bass is going to stay behind and rent a local P.O. Box in her name to receive mail for the militias. The owner of the home they are staying at (Patty [last name omitted]) is going Boise for a week on Wednesday but her house will still be available. She also said that her parents would be willing to board some people. Payne is looking for a commercial building to use because he does not want Patty to experience a raid on her house. In Party’s house there are weapons always within reach. Lequieu almost shot Cooper and Ritzheimer with his AR-15 because they arrived late last night and Lequieu was not expecting them.

Payne claims to have the Hammond’s ranch under surveillance by several elements of Rangers. CHS advised that if this true they must be very well equipped because the weather is very harsh.

The plans to free Barbeau have not fizzled as previously reported. If Barbeau is not released Payne is very serious about attempting to free him with force and violence. There is no indication that Payne has any specific plans. CHS said that Payne is waiting for more shooters and when he has enough to be comfortable with an assault they will act. CHS said the plan would include some show of force prior to an attack.

The PPN is not supporting any action in Harney County because they are distancing themselves from Payne but there are still elements within the PPN including BJ Soper that are staying involved.

Email dated December 22, 2015:

CHS, who has reported reliably in the past, advised that Ryan Payne and others are en route back to Burns, OR. Apparently they (the group) have secured a hotel (name unknown) in Burns for everyone to stay at instead of the Patty [last name omitted] property. They are afraid of a raid and don’t want her place getting shot up.

Payne and the others are still discussing plans to break out Schuyler Barbeau. Payne claims to know where the Federal Detention center is that houses Barbeau. So far, the plan is to create a diversion and hit the convoy. Once they have Barbeau they will travel north to Canada, east through Canada, and then drop south back down to Harney County, Oregon.

Email dated December 24, 2015:

CHS, who has reported reliably in the past, advised that he/she located the area where Ryan Payne put Cory Lequieu and Debra Bass calling it an Observation Post. CHS provided details and photos in an email:

“While I was in Harney County (re: Hammond Ranch) xxxx I was shown the location of the observation post (OP) that Lequieu & Debra Bass were placed at where they later nearly died of exposure. On my way back home out of Harney County today, I passed near the OP location and got the idea of giving you details of where it is, in case Payne decides to occupy it again; Payne is the person that chose the location for this OP.

December 30, 2015, probably phone call report.

Sovereign Citizen Karl P. Koenigs and member of the National Liberty Alliance (NLA) has issued an online call out stating “Everybody needs to deploy for the rendezvous at Burns, Oregon…”

Oath Keepers leader Stewart Rhodes has reportedly issued a stand down order for the Oathkeepers.

Another December 30, 2015, probably another phone call report.

Frank Lavoie has issued the standard dire threats of violence against the federal government, promises of revolution on his facebook page: CHS determined that Lavoie is located in Arizona, [phone number omitted], POB [number omitted], Tombstone, AZ.

Corey Lequieu xxxx Ryan Payne, Debra Pope, were handing out fliers in Burns and encountered the parents of the Sheriff. The Sheriff’s parents apparently disagreed with the substance of the fliers and this was difficult for Payne, Pope, and Lequieu. CHS opines based on his/her experience that Payne, and Jason Patrick if he was there, were armed. CHS points out that newspaper coverage of the event reported that the armed militia members complained to the sheriff that the 74 year old mother of the sheriff threatened them.

On December 31, 2015, CHS contacted the FBI by E-mail and advised as follows:

CHS is concerned that Joe O’Shaugnessy, Corely Lequieu, Debra Bass (aka Debra Pope), Blaine Cooper, and Jason Patrick are literally spoiling for a fight with any law enforcement while staying at the residence of Patty [last name omitted], Burns area resident.

The stand down order for the Oathkeepers apparently upset Jon Ritzheimer, and Jason Patrick. Ammon Bundy issued a response encouraging people to come out anyhow.

Lequieu had been active with Operation Mutual Aid (OMA), an organization created by Jerry Bruckhart and Ryan Payne.  Many of those who participated in discussions appended “OMA” to their Facebook names and otherwise express their commitment to what OMA stood for.

Among those OMA supporters were Robert Beecher (the Demonization of Robert Beecher) and Kevin “KC” Massey (Update #1 on K. C. Massey).  The government targeted both of them, and both are currently serving prison terms.  It seems that the OMA membership list may have become a hit list for the FBI.

Seever is one of the six “outside” informants.  Even though he went to Burns, he never visited the Refuge, though he probably fulfilled his promise to meet with Sheriff Ward.

Seever left Fallon to return to Washington, shortly after Lequieu was arrested.  He then removed his Facebook page and has endeavored to cover his tracks.

Seever demonstrates that quite often the informant gets so close to you that you have no concern that he might be playing you so that he can serve the government.  Some examples:

David Stone was the Michigan based “Hutaree Militia” when members of the Militia were arrested in 2010.  When Stone got married, Steven Haug, an agent, was best man at Stone’s wedding.  He was also the primary witness against the defendants.

Schuyler Barbeau was set up by Oliver Murphy.  Schuyler considered Murphy to be his best friend.  However, the role that Murphy played included a pretend purchase of a firearm that was immediately turned over to the FBI.

The insidious government has sent spies into our midst, as if we were an enemy at war with the country.