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Burns Chronicles – Robert “Rob” Seever aka R.W. Seaver part 2

Seaver seems to have the longest history of those so far exposed as a spy among the ranks. He is one to stay very far away from.

Burns Chronicles No 48
Robert “Rob” Seever aka R.W. Seaver #2

by Gary Hunt
December 20, 2016

Rob Seever was the name and spelling that I was given in my first article on Seever. I was told, at the time, that he had helped to expose a law enforcement officer in Washington or Oregon. I had the wrong spelling of Seaver’s name, no name of the officer, and unsure of the location, I was unable to substantiate that claim.

However, my first article led to contact by two people with information applicable to Robert W. Seaver. So, we will first discuss Seaver’s activities dating back, at least, to 2009.

The Willamette Weekly published an article on October 13, 2009. The article is titled, “The Ice Man Weepeth – A Portland cop denies a new video’s accusations of Nazism“. The allegations made against Central Precinct Captain Mark Kruger by Seaver are lengthy, and include dressing in Nazi uniforms, posting a plaque above the II-205 honoring five World War II German soldiers, and other claims demonizing Kruger.

From that article, “Seaver, a former legal aide with the Multnomah County District Attorney’s Office, claims he first came forward against Kruger six years ago to make amends for his own racist past.”

Seaver also posted a YouTube video he had made to demonize Kruger. The video was removed by YouTube after complaints of violations were submitted.

There is a note at the end of the article that provides even more insight into the character of Robert Seaver. I haven’t researched the accuracy, though I would suppose that the Willamette Weekly would not have published it – if they hadn’t verified that accuracy.


In the late 1980s, Seaver fell in love with Diane Downs, who was serving a life sentence for shooting her three children in 1983, killing one. Seaver plotted to spring Downs from prison, then testified against her in 1990.

So, we can see that Seaver will go after someone he disagrees with “tooth and nail”. That appears to be the case in his targeting of Corey Lequieu, in that Seaver didn’t agree with what Ammon Bundy and the others were doing by occupying government property.

Let’s now go to the present. Seaver has taken down his two previous Facebook pages, though he has a new one at “RW Seaver“. This appears to have been opened about November 22, 2016, and claims that he lives in John Day, Oregon. It appears that he has been buddying up to Sheriff Glenn Palmer.

Palmer, the Sheriff of Grant County, Oregon, was sympathetic to the occupation, this past January, at the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge. He was to be in attendance at the meeting in John Day, which was the destination of the trip that was interrupted by the murder of LaVoy Finicum.

By the apparent Modus Operandi of Seaver, it is more than likely that he is cozying up to Sheriff Palmer in an effort to treat Palmer as he had treated Portland Police Capt. Kruger and Corey Lequieu.

Rather ironically, a meme post by Seaver on his FB page tends to describe his own activities:

Seaver seems to have the longest history of those so far exposed as a spy among the ranks. He is one to stay very far away from.

Here is a picture of Seaver in his normal ‘patriot’ garb: