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Are YOU Ready for Redoubt News?

Let's all share the News for the American Redoubt!

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Are YOU Ready for Redoubt News?

Redoubt News has received an overwhelming welcome in all areas of the American Redoubt. The citizens have shown a thirst for conservative-leaning alternative news sources specific to their areas. The people have craved news not bound by the agenda of the Main Stream Media.

We wish to thank all readers and viewers, and tell you of our upcoming plans for the site.

This is a news source for, and by, the residents of the American Redoubt. To accomplish this goal, our redoubt neighbors share events, issues, photographs, opinion letters, and more.

Would you like to be a part of our group? If you think you are ready to be a photographer or writer, cover local events or interview individuals, or one of many other ways to contribute to Redoubt News, let us know!

The American Redoubt includes Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Eastern Washington, and Eastern Oregon, and we encourage you to contact us below and begin your journey into this whole new world of sharing information via alternative media.

We are looking for people to cover events and issues specific to their locations. Do you attend City Council meetings, county commissioner meetings, or school board meetings? Are you a part of local groups, including political, community, preparedness, 4-H, or others? We can help you to understand how best to share the information for your area.

We need photos and articles from all over the Redoubt.

We intend to start pod-casting interviews, and hopefully do more live-streaming of events that you, and others, are interested in seeing. If you have a passion for this type of reporting, we can certainly use your help.

Some of the topics requested by various readers include:

  • Politics, including candidates for upcoming elections
  • Local events
  • Homesteading
  • Spiritual articles, including articles from local Pastors
  • Education
  • Constitutional Issues
  • Photos of the American Redoubt

We are looking for original work, and opinion pieces are also welcome. Everyone gets credit in a byline for their articles. Let’s all share in spreading the News for the American Redoubt!



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