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Nevada Rancher Cliven Bundy Arrested & Charged

The rancher was charged with "leading a massive armed assault" against federal agents who were planning to seize his cattle.

Federal Agents Told to STAND DOWN in Bunkerville
Cliven Bundy

Nevada Rancher Cliven Bundy Charged With Conspiracy, Extortion

This story by  was originally posted on the Willamette Week website.

Arrested Thurday, Bundy faces multiple charges for his standoff with federal authorities over unpaid grazing fees.


Cliven Bundy
Cliven Bundy booking photo upon arrest by Federal authorities in Portland, OR

Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy was charged Thursday with six federal felony counts, including conspiracy, use of a deadly weapon, obstruction of justice, and extortion.

Bundy, whose sons Ammon and Ryan Bundy led the political protest of Malheur National Wildlife Refuge, was not charged for his involvement in the Eastern Oregon takeover—but for leading a 2014 armed standoff with federal authorities in Nevada over unpaid grazing fees totaling $1 million.

The rancher was charged with “leading a massive armed assault” against federal agents who were planning to seize his cattle. The federal officials backed away from a confrontation at the time.

Bundy was arrested Wednesday night when he arrived at Portland International Airport to visit his sons, Ammon and Ryan Bundy, and to visit the Malheur occupation, which he has encouraged. He has joined his sons in lockup.

Here is the full criminal complaint, released this morning.

It’s unclear how the case against Cliven Bundy will overlap with the federal trial of Ammon Bundy and his followers, who squatted in federal buildings in Eastern Oregon last month.

But the intersection has already drawn at least one anti-government protester to downtown Portland, as Leah Sottile reports on Twitter.

Ammon Bundy, and his brother Ryan, were arrested on January 26th, along highway 395 north of Burns. This is the same incident in which LaVoy Finicum was shot multiple times by FBI and Oregon State Police. Several others were arrested with Bundy, and two have been released on bail.

Cliven Bundy attended Finicum’s Funeral, along with several thousand people, in Kanab, Utah on February 5, 2016.



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  1. Ok, after looking closely at my copy, and others on Scribd. It is difficult to tell for sure if it is a 2015 or 2016. My copy and a couple of others do look like the last number could have an opening on the back of the loop and a rt hand “tail” on the top, which would be a 5, others look like they could be the straight back 6 that they use. So disregard my previous reply. Thanks.

  2. I just looked at the criminal complaint that I downloaded last night from, the “Filed” date says, 2015 FEB 11 A 8:56, the “Filed” stamp on the Amazon linked criminal complaint here is unreadable, but across the top, in blue it says Filed 2/11/16 which has to be the title given it by whomever downloaded it to Amazon.
    So, this means that they have been sitting on this for 1 year before pouncing on Mr. Bundy. I will see if I can find the Scribd link and get it to you.

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