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Lane County, OR Prepares to Join Lawsuit Against BLM

They've chosen a Portland law firm to represent them in the suit.

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Lane County prepares to join lawsuit against BLM


EUGENE, Ore. – This week, the Lane County Board of Commissioners voted to allocate $84,000 to join a potential multi-county lawsuit against the Bureau of Land Management.

For the past several years, the BLM has been working on a new Resource Management Plan for the O & C timberlands and Commissioner Faye Stewart says the BLM is currently looking at a plan that would violate the O & C Act of 1937.

“There’s a minimum harvest level of 500 million board feet required by law,” Stewart said.

Stewart says the required harvest levels aren’t being met, and counties are missing out on timber dollars needed to provide county services.

“We believe that it’s important for us as counties to stand up and make sure that the law on the books is met by the agency,” Stewart said, “And for Lane County, it’s important because those are resource dollars that come to the county to pay for critical resources we provide.”

If the BLM doesn’t make changes to the plan, the Association of O & C Counties is preparing to take action. They’ve chosen a Portland law firm to represent them in the suit. The $84,000 would cover Lane County’s portion of the legal fees.

Faye says harvests are dwindling, in large part because of the Endangered Species Act, but he says it’s possible to boost harvests and protect endangered species.

“Our experts believe that they can do both, and they can do it at a level that would meet the law,” Stewart said. “It’s just unfortunately, we haven’t been able to see them recognize our comments, and recognize that it can be done.”

The lawsuit isn’t a sure thing. Stewart says the BLM could still make changes to the plan to satisfy the requirements of the O & C Act.

That will be followed by a public comment period, and a final decision is expected by July.

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2 Comments on Lane County, OR Prepares to Join Lawsuit Against BLM

  1. Grastey, not a surprise. He was just re-elected and feels emboldened. A shame. Sheriff was BLM employee who was instrumental in the Hammond case, lied to their faces and stabbed them in the back. Had Mrs. Hammond sign rights to the land over to Fed’s if she misses a payment. (My understanding) after threats to send her husband and son far, far away if she didn’t. What did the Feds to with that $100,000 dollar fine paid by the Hammonds before Christmas? What a sleazy government we have. Greg Walden hasn’t been able to help at all.

  2. Harney county judge’s brother is a BLM high ranking official of the region.

    I dont know if you put it all together, about the sale of uranium one, a North America mining operations that had been sold to Russia. 

    The sale would not happened without approval by the state department signing off on the deal. Mrs Clinton is that state department official who signed and she had monies contributed into her Campaign fund from the deal.

    Remember the Hammond and Other ranchers out west. The mineral that are identified in the soil was rich in mercury, URANIUM and other valuable resources. 

    The stories are connected!!!

    Below article, said Jeb Bush is also being investigated.

    The US Government has taken 280 million acres from private farm owners during Obama’s reign. 

    A government that does not reallocate this land and retains it, is an example of how a nation becomes communist, were the people will no longer have a right to gain or possess private property as written as the peoples right in the US Constitution! !!!

    I wanted to share this We the People petition with you:

    Being that the western states is being handed over to the Commies to mine, lets stage a government land takeover to draw together the patriots all in one place,offsight, to make create or stage a civil unrest or armed rebellion situation, to allow for martial law or military intervention.

    Jade Helm is the preparation for such an uprising and civil unrest that can occur from this.

    Perfect plan unless you catch on and spoil the plot.

    Establish in 1940, and still law on the books today, is the Smith Act, which was a law to perge foreign loyalists and sympathizers from the US government. 

    In 1954, the Anti-Communist Act by Executive Order from President Dwight Eisenhower was established to prevent Communist dictator from campaining and taking over U.S. political system because they would want to change us social and economic policy to transition the country to communism. It is time to demand for and rekindle these laws!!!

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