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Nancy Pelosi would be proud of Our Law Enforcement!

PROWLER law enforcement

Nancy Pelosi would be proud of Our Law Enforcement!

Let me start by saying as a career law enforcement professional my default position is to defend law enforcement when they are under attack, but I will call them out when they are wrong. And this is one of those instances.

What does that say about a law enforcement agency that you have to sue to get information you have a right to you as the citizenry? An apparent indicator of guilt. This is a textbook example of why every large agency that I am aware of having citizens oversight panel. It’s because the citizens have lost faith in their law enforcement’s ability to police themselves. Another indicator is when your own employees are pointing out the hypocrisy and cautioning you not to let the media know.

This highlights why fundamental if not foundational change is needed within the office and also why the Republican nominee is NOT the person to do that. His very claims have him as an insider, as well as being supported by the deputies association, and the smoke trail of corruption that follows him with his track record of playing loose with the rules/laws just like our story here.

Finally, this information was released mid July pursuant to a lawsuit and to-date I have not heard an apology from the Sheriff nor seen any resignations for this conduct.

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