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Boundary County Sheriff Candidate Forum

The citizens will have some tough decisions in this campaign, having multiple qualified candidates to choose from.

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Boundary County Sheriff Candidate Forum


The importance of the Boundary County Sheriff’s election is apparent, as over 150 people gathered at the Bonners Ferry High School Tuesday night to meet the candidates.

Two of three candidates attended. Dave Kramer and Dave Schuman introduced themselves, though many of the audience already knew these long-time residents of Boundary county. Sheriff Sprungl, though invited, did not attend.

Both candidates presented themselves well and had impressive resumes, showing them both qualified for the job. They were not far off on most positions, making it a very difficult decision for residents.

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Dave Kramer

Dave Kramer is a respected former Bonners Ferry Chief of Police, holding the position for over 20 years. His resume includes several leadership positions, as well as working with the Kootenai Tribal Police and Special Olympics.

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Dave Schuman

Dave Schuman shows his qualifications through 36 years of peace officer experience, both through the military and with the Boundary County Sheriff’s Department. He is currently the K-9 officer for Boundary County.

Greg Sprungl is the current Boundary County Sheriff, and was first appointed sheriff in September 1994. He has won and lost elections over the past 20 years, but has mostly retained the position.

Questions varied from the audience, with priorities including the candidates stance on the second amendment. Many other topics were covered, including the specific issues of having an international border, such as refugees and drug trafficking.

The Federal lands issues were a hot topic, with the Burns Oregon occupation being in the forefront of most people’s minds. The residents wanted to know if the candidates felt they could turn away the Federal government if a similar situation came to their county.

The Sheriff is the highest elected law enforcement in the county, therefore the position is of key importance to the protection of the people. Most residents want to know they have a ‘Constitutional’ Sheriff that will support the people against an overreach of Federal Laws.

The citizens will have some tough decisions in this campaign, having multiple qualified candidates to choose from.

Here are some highlights for you: