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American Redoubt, Who the Players Are

The basic goal of political migration is to escape areas that are hostile to your culture.

The American Redoubt, Who the players are

by The Bard of the American Redoubt


The American Redoubt concept was created and popularized by the prolific writer James Rawles of Survival Blog dot com. Initially, Rawles advised people for preparedness reasons to migrate out of large cities, away from either coast to low population density areas. James Rawles packaged these ideas in what he called his Precepts of Rawlesian philosophy with his list of the most preferable States to migrate too. This is a very important piece for those studying the Redoubt movement. It spells out in very articulate terms what the issues are from a preparedness perspective, and forms the basis of the philosophy of the political American Redoubt. Of particular note in our fallen, politically correct culture is Rawles precept that racism ignores reason.

mental preparedness james wesley rawlesEventually, James Rawles begin to advise people to move from increasingly militant socialist states for political reasons. If your family has no existing rural roots, James Rawles suggested moving to the “top three or four” states from his most favorable preparedness list, Idaho, Wyoming, Montana for political reasons. He coined the term American Redoubt to explain this concept. The American Redoubt a simple concept, it is called political migration.

In an interview by G. Jeffrey MacDonald published by the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Rawles was quoted as saying: “It’s time to distance ourselves from the vile corruptness that we see…. [The American Redoubt movement] is analogous to the Puritan exodus (from Europe). They couldn’t fit in and said, ‘We’re going to move to completely virgin territory and start afresh.’ … In effect, we’re becoming pistol-packing Amish.” There are many groups who have done this over the years including the Puritans; Native Americans moving West to escape the European colonization (I guess forced ethnic cleansing, but again I hope you get the point), Americans of African descent escaping the Southern forced racial apartheid system (racial migration?). Many, many groups move because of various reasons including political reasons. The American Redoubt is libertarian leaning Christian and Jewish traditionalist politically migrating from militant progressive secular states that are becoming increasingly hostile to their Christian based western culture.

The basic goal of political migration is to escape areas that are hostile to your culture and build new more benign communities. The political theory goes that if you start with States that are already overwhelmingly conservative libertarian, friendly to Orthodox Christian culture with fairly well maintained budgets and motivate enough like-minded patriots to move there, you could make them even “deeper” red state full of liberty-minded people, essentially redoubts of traditional American culture. All are welcome, no one would be asked to leave, but practicing conservative libertarian Christian and Jews are encouraged to migrate to these Rocky Mountain States. And this approach appears to be bearing fruit.

american redoubt kootenaiSierra Crane-Murdoch reports in an article about Kootenai County, Idaho, “To outside observers, it may have appeared that the county swung along with the nation’s political pendulum. American voters leaned right in 2010, awarding Republicans a majority in the U.S. House of Representatives. But in Kootenai County, Idaho, something far more enduring than partisan realignment had tipped the scales.

As English put it, the 2010 election marked “the end of an era” — not only politically, but demographically. Conservative newcomers, primarily from Southern California, had helped quadruple the county population since 1970. Allied with conservative North Idahoans, they systematically transformed the local politics. Pundits predicted that Californians’ migration to places like Kootenai County would have a moderating effect on the politics of the Intermountain West. The newcomers “are finding work in jobs unrelated to the traditional timber, mining and agricultural fields,” observed Timothy Egan, a Western correspondent for The New York Times, in 1993. Egan suggested that these “lifestyle refugees” would cause an “environmentalist tilt in the [Western] electorate.” But he overlooked a key detail: The counties from which these refugees came were the most conservative in California. They were, in fact, the birthplace of modern American conservatism — home to the John Birch Society, early evangelicalism, the 1978 tax revolt that led to property-tax limits in Proposition 13, and two years later, Reagan’s election to the presidency.

In 2014 the political shift continued.  In an election cycle where the establishment Republicans savages the conservative libertarian wing of the party, out of eight contested legislative races in northern Idaho, seven ultra-conservative challengers and incumbents (aka Tea Party) won against more moderate Republicans. There are many groups and communities that are moving to the States of the American Redoubt. The overwhelming number of these organizations have no official connection with the American Redoubt movement but their motivations to set down roots in these areas that have low population densities where they can practice their orthodox and traditional Christian faiths are noteworthy.


This has been republished with permission, but it is only part of the story. There is so much more to learn. Please visit The Charles Carroll Society to finish reading about the Players of the American Redoubt.

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  1. I find it interesting that credit is being given to Rawles for coming up with the idea of moving to what he wold call the Redoubt. In fact, William W Johnston was writing about this very thing in his Out Of The Ashes series of books back in the mid to late 1980’s. He called the area The Tri-States and in his books it became a new nation after a nuclear attack on the US.
    I’m not bashing Rawles but thought that he gets way too much credit for the concept of American Redoubts.

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