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Dem Bullys Game Into Shutting Down for Bullying

Stolen was an app similar in play to trading baseball cards, and we know how dangerous and humiliating that was.

stolen katherine clark
Rep. Katherine Clark (D-MA)


‘Stolen’ App Shut Down by Tolerant Liberal

Stolen was an app built for twitter that was similar to trading baseball cards, only you traded twitter profiles. Enormously popular with teenagers, it was also played by twitter execs, such as Twitter COO Adam Bain.

However, in our new ‘Nanny Society’, prepare for everything fun to have a dark lining. Democrat CongressPerson from Massachusetts, Katherine Clark was so upset at the Potential for harassment, that she wrote separate letters to Twitter and Apple insisting that the game be shut down.

stolen twitter katherine clark
Twitter Announcement by Rep. Katherine Clark

When you join social media, be it Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, or what have you, you should understand that it is not private. The terms of service generally explain that you do not retain too many rights to what you publish. It is open season on profiles, be it pics or comments.

Despite the obvious, to many liberals like Clark, there are way too many possibilities for media coverage on their personal causes. One of Clark’s causes is harassment, or bullying. While #RedoubtNews condemns all forms of bullying and harassment, we also condemn censorship. It is a tossup as to whether Clark merely censored the fun out of twitter for these people, or she actively pursued Bullying to obtain her goal.

Like we mentioned, Stolen was an app similar in play to trading baseball cards, and we know how dangerous and humiliating that was. I am sure someone can come up with a comment from Babe Ruth that said he was completely mortified by them. (I haven’t found it, so I leave it to the reader.)

I haven’t heard of anyone actually being bullied by the game, or harassed by any players. Clark actually only seems to be concerned with the potential it may have, not citing any specific cases.

So, keeping this in mind, remember to not pick up the phone, as it is another platform that can possibly be used to harass you. Do not walk down the street, as someone might look sternly at you and possibly embarrass you. Heck, just hibernate in your home where nothing of the outside world can touch or affect you. I am sure this is a much better option for Rep. Katherine Clark.


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