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Covid Amnesty Just in Time for the Election

Everything about your life will change and be controlled

Covid Amnesty

Covid Amnesty Just in Time for the Election

by Shari Dovale

The last 2 years have shown the world what the immoral globalists have planned for humanity. Covid-1984 has been determined to have been leaked from a lab in Wuhan, China. Deliberately set upon the human race to see if we are willing to give up our freedoms and our lives.

Globalists like Bill Gates and George Soros have successfully instituted a class system within every country, including the United States. It was fairly easy for them. They only needed to apply fear and tell everyone they were going to die unless they listened to their government.

It is becoming public that the measures the government implemented for Covid were useless, unnecessary, and even dangerous. The government officials seemed to know this, but could not let go of their power and they enforced their Draconian rules regardless.

Society was told to keep 6 feet away from each other, not to touch each other, and only kiss their spouse through a mask.

Children were not allowed to go to school, or interact with other children and were told to be scared.

Businesses closed, and families went into bankruptcy because of being told they were “non-essential” and not allowed to support themselves.

Folks were not allowed to gather outside, or inside, even in their own homes. They were told their own families were dangerous to them, and to isolate from them.

People were told they could not attend church, even if they tried to hold services for themselves in their homes.

The public was forced to wear masks covering their faces, as if they were a bunch of bandits from the old west.

The elderly were left to die alone. Long-term care facilities were not be allowed to operate without requiring masks, at the very least.

Medically necessary procedures, such as organ transplants, were canceled if the patients were not obedient to the government.

Multitudes were told that their doctors could not be trusted and the elected politicians would decide treatments for what is now being called “like the flu”. People were told they could not decide what was best for them and their families.

Citizens were arrested for violating these cruel measures. They were handcuffed for singing hymns in public, taking their children to the park, or even for posting against the regime on social media.

But, it was all about power. Dominance over the lower classes finally emerged. It continues to this day. They call it the “New Normal”.

We are told to get used to “Contact Tracing” and carrying a “Vaccine passport” to show proof of our subjugation. More vaccinations are in your future, especially for those folks that wish to interact in the workplace or in public school.

Do not expect many of your health care workers to return to trustworthy-status as they are still taking their orders from non-medically trained elected officials.

And this “New Normal” will not stop at health issues. Everything about your life will change and be controlled.

eCommerce will rule. No need for all that dirty money to be handled, virtual money will be implemented. The Gold Standard is long gone.

No need to go shopping in person, as shopping online with deliveries to your door will be the acceptable way to get what you need. Food deliveries, as well, so there will be no chance for you to select your own fruits and vegetables.

Virtual learning will be enforced more often than not, as the teachers union has raised their fists and shown their power.

The Socialists are pushing for online elections, or some form of it, including mail-in ballots. This will ease the Left’s burden of keeping themselves in power.

Enforcing their definitions of “Hate Crimes” are included in this New Normal. If you do not agree, check yourself into your local law enforcement’s bed and breakfast.

Yes, the new rules, regulations and laws that have come to be associated with the plandemic are here to stay, so get used to it.

In spite of that, the realities of the scams perpetrated on the public are coming to light. The left wants to be seen as only slightly in error, so they are doing a dance of concession, and hoping that the forgiving Christians are willing to listen.

‘Following the Science’ took on new meaning as the narratives continued to change. It “wasn’t their fault” was the chant from the left, led by the Fauci cult. Critical thinkers are not buying this as they see through the hype. ‘Just Following Orders’ is no longer valid as an excuse.

Now the Extremists are expecting a Covid Amnesty, as suggested by the Atlantic, a Far-Left opinion blog known for bashing Christians, conservatives and all things Trump.

Let’s Declare a Pandemic Amnesty

The Progressives, Commies, and RINOs in Washington D.C. and throughout the country, are jumping on this idea. Many would like to deny that they had anything to do with the hardships they forced on the people. A good example of this is Brad Little, currently campaigning for another term as Governor of Idaho.

Little claims that Idaho stayed open when other states were locked down, all thanks to him. He would like to blame everyone else for this order, however, the following poster shows clearly that the lockdown was ordered by Little himself.

In addition to the past unconstitutional orders, Little has allowed the formation of a 1984-styled “Ministry of Truth” to be implemented in this supposedly red state. You will no longer be allowed to have an opinion with which Little does not agree. This is your future in Idaho.

Ministry Of (Very Little) Truth in Idaho

Or we can discuss Michigan Democrat Governor Gretchen Whitmer who also claims nursing homes were never forced to take Covid patients.

Gretchen Whitmer is claiming she never forced Covid patients into nursing homes. For the sake of all who suffered under her orders, here are the receipts.

Trying to claim that their opinions, and orders, changed because “the science changed” is too lame an excuse for everyone to accept. They enjoyed the power and do not intend to let it go.

We have seen what the Left will do if given any slight chance, and we have no doubt that they will do it again. That is our “New Normal.” Nevertheless, as Americans, we cherish our freedoms. We will not easily give them away.

Forgiveness is the calling of all followers of Christ, however, as Christians also know, there can be no forgiveness without repentance.

I have not heard the teachers jump up and say they were wrong and they need to get back into the classrooms. I have not heard their concerns for the 4 of every 10 eighth graders that are failing to grasp basic math concepts.

Largest score declines in NAEP mathematics at grades 4 and 8 since initial assessments in 1990

I have not heard any remorse over the attempts to stop in-person worship for Christians. No, on the contrary, it is being encouraged to watch sermons online, via YouTube, a globalist tool for tracking those that do not concede.

There has been no sorrow over the strict lockdowns, the lonely elderly, or for restricting travel, even between states.

All I have heard is impatience as to why children are not getting routine vaccination (for measles, pertussis, etc.) or why people no longer trust their doctors, and why citizens do not trust their government.

No, these comments are not apologies. They are further demands to conform to their “New Normal.” The idea that acknowledging they didn’t know any better is not repentance.

They haven’t even acknowledged that they did anything wrong. They take no responsibilities in the failures of the past 2 years. It was not their fault, as they will jump to tell you. They had no choice, so let’s move on.

No, there will be no forgiveness without penitence. If one cannot admit the sin, they cannot be forgiven for the sin. There cannot be any amnesty. And it does not deserve amnesty.

However, it does deserve a Reckoning. And this will come.



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