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Ministry Of (Very Little) Truth in Idaho

This move is straight out of the Democrat playbook

Ministry Of (Very Little) Truth in Idaho

by Shari Dovale

Joe Biden proved this to be a major disaster. But Brad Little, as per his norm, has to have a “Hold My Beer’ moment.

Homeland Security Shuts Down Biden’s ‘Ministry Of Truth’

Yes, Brad Little has brought the Thought Police to Idaho.

With the upcoming election in just over a week, Little is pulling out all the stops to get people to vote for him.

He thinks no one remembers the lockdowns, social distancing, and mandates imposed by him and his Left-Wing government during the Covid-1984 plandemic.

Gov. Brad Little Extends Idaho Lockdown FOREVER

He thinks no one cared about his orders to restrict religious freedom, as well as your other freedoms. We have not forgotten that Brad Little made it a crime to go to church or to meet with your pastor for communion, yet you could go shopping at the Big Box stores like Walmart and Home Depot.

He claims it was never his orders that locked the people down, but the local jurisdictions did that on their own volition.

He doesn’t want you to remember that HIS orders included:

    • Indoor gatherings are limited to 50 people or less. 
    • Outdoor gatherings are limited to 25-percent capacity. 
    • Physical distancing requirements are in place for gatherings of all types. 
    • Long-term care facilities will not be allowed to operate without requiring masks on their premises.  
    • There will be seating only at bars, restaurants, and nightclubs. Nightclubs can only operate as bars. 
    • Employers should continue to protect at-risk employees by allowing telework or by making special accommodations for these individuals in the workplace. 

Then, he decided to buy your vote with $300 of the billions he received for his tyrannical agreements with the Communists in D.C.

Would You Do It All Again for $300?

Now, he has launched the Thought Police to stop you from having an opinion on social media. Is this an attempt to gain the Democrat vote in the upcoming election? He has certainly secured that demographic already and needs not do anymore.

Yes, Brad Little wants you to report ‘misinformation’ from these terrible right-wing election deniers. They tell you up front that they will work with ‘social media platforms and other partners’ to get these conspiracy theories shut down.

Yep, though Little pretends to be from the Republican party, this move is straight out of the Democrat playbook!

The Democrats Demand A “Ministry of Truth”

As if we didn’t already have enough reasons to VOTE AGAINST BRAD LITTLE, he just keeps adding to the list.

8 Ways the Constitution was Violated in Idaho in 2020


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2 Comments on Ministry Of (Very Little) Truth in Idaho

  1. Little is worse than a democrat. He is a RINO. Bought and paid for. Among his many failures to defend our state and our country, he is one of the eighteen republican governors that have signed on with Traitor Biden in allowing illegal immigrants to be imported into our state. He is identical to the traitor-in-chief, taking his orders from dark forces intent on destroying our country. Save Idaho. VOTE BUNDY.

  2. The secretary of state is a different constitutional officer than the governor of Idaho. The misinformation has nothing to do with Gov Little.

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