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Much Misinformation About Suppiger

Last year, it was in the unanimous vote of the board of trustees to impose the original mandate


Much Misinformation About Suppiger

Examining the website of Gary Suppiger, who is running for a second term on the LPOSD school board, I found a number of discrepancies in his statements, easily identified with minimal research. Here are some of the glaring examples:

  • His website unequivocally states, “I do not support a mask mandate in our schools.”

His track record proves the opposite: time and again he voted for an LPOSD mask mandate. Last year, it was in the unanimous vote of the board of trustees to impose the original mandate, followed by at least one other unanimous vote when parents wished to have their children exempted. Then, in March of 2021, he was one of two trustees who voted to keep the mandate but was overruled by the board majority.

  • Also on his website, he claims the state of Idaho spends $7,500 per student annually.
  • Fact: US Census data from May 2021 shows it to be $7,985. Another fact: LPOSD itself, as of May 2020, already spent far more, $9,016 per student, and that was before several million dollars of federal funds arrived, more than $2 million of which could be spent or saved at the discretion of LPOSD.

Provably false statements do not inspire trust. Can we believe other statements Suppiger makes on his website, such as being against a vaccine mandate and teaching critical race theory?

My vote will go to his opponent, Jalon Peters. I know him personally, and I know him to be trustworthy.

Anita Perry
Sandpoint, ID

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