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Idaho Voter Integrity

It is certainly possible and highly likely that voter fraud occurred in the last election cycle

Idaho Voter Integrity

Idaho Voter Integrity


by Rep. Heather Scott

In a day and age of ever increasing societal moral rot, it is certainly possible and highly likely that voter fraud occurred in the last election cycle.  While the national debate on forensic audits and voter integrity continues to make the headlines, many are searching for answers and solutions from government to address problems and discrepancies in our election system.  Thanks for watching my recent video to hear my thoughts on this issue. 

Helpful links related to the video above:

  • Here is a link to an article discussing Mark Zuckerberg’s $400 million donation funding grants for “helping” local elections: ($400M LINK)
  • Here is a link to The Center for Tech and Civic Life (CTCL) who distributed this grant money: (GRANT LINK)
  • Here is a list of 21 Idaho counties (and others in the country) that took this grant money: (21 COUNTIES LINK)
  • Here is a link to the letter from an Arizona legislator calling for a forensic audit in every state: (LETTER LINK)
  • Here is a link to the Idaho Secretary of State’s response to allegations of inaccurate reporting: (SOS LINK)
  • Here is the link to an election audit bill that passed in the Idaho House and but was effectively killed by the Chairman of the Idaho Senate State Affairs Committee, Senator Patty Anne Lodge: (HB349 LINK).

What can you do?

Here are ways you can help to secure the future election process and stop fraud and identify problems.  Remember, in a republic, it is our responsibility to keep the government in line. If we fail to do any of our responsible roles as citizens, we will quickly decay into  a totalitarian form of government.   Here a few suggested things you can pursue:

  • Find out who your county clerk is and how long they have been in office and whether past issues of voting inconsistencies have occurred (REMEMBER – County Clerks are up for election every 4 years). (LINK to COUNTY CLERKS)
  • Contact your county election’s office and find out how to sign up to be a volunteer poll watcher or a paid poll worker.
  • Stop by the election’s office and understand how the ballots are stored.
  • Ask to look at voting machines and learn who the manufacturers are for the machines in your county. Are these machines involved in any state or national election fraud issues?
  • Ask your county clerk to explain the tally, calibration, and counting processes their office uses for every type of election (2-yr, 4-yr, recalls, special, etc.).
  • Learn how signatures are checked and verified for voting.
  • Request a list of all registered voters in your county or precinct.
  • Ask for a copy of the election calendar and review it. Know when all elections are occurring because all elections affect citizens.
  • Ask how deceased voters or voters who have moved into or out of the county are added or removed from the voting roles. How often is this done?  Is this frequent enough?
  • Share what you have learned with others.

Remember, we didn’t get into this election fraud situation overnight, and we won’t fix it overnight either.  Please get involved.  The more educated and engaged we are, the quicker we root out fraud and keep elected officials in line.  For more things you can do to help save our republic, click HERE:   101 Things to Do:



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2 Comments on Idaho Voter Integrity

  1. Lots of ways Voter Fraud can take place. In one election I was given two ballots…I was still standing at the desk when I realized I had two ballots…when the guy before me came back to the desk…he had been given two ballots two. He had the integrity to return and give one ballot back. And I turned my extra one back in too. “Two people…four votes.”…somehow I don’t remember that being the battle cry of Democratic principles.

  2. One of the many qualities I admire about Rep.Scott is that she is Solution-Driven; that is, instead of finger pointing and diverting attention away, she offers ways to solve problems. Thank you so much, Heather!!

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