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In Support of Jessie Peters Candidate for Hospital Board

Please vote on May 18th, 2021

In Support of Jessie Peters

In Support of Jessie Peters
Candidate for Hospital Board

Jessie Peters Brings Experience, Fresh Voice to Our Hospital District Board

Did you know that five of the current hospital district board trustees also sit on the hospital’s 10-person board of directors? And did you know that 100 percent of your tax dollars go to Bonner County General’s clinics only? In laymen’s terms this is called a “conflict of interest,” and lacks both transparency in budgeting and a clear spending plan that’s accountable to taxpayers.

And this lack of transparency and budget-consciousness is why we need fresh voices on our hospital district board.

Jessie Peters brings that fresh voice.

Jessie is a nurse practitioner, has served on health boards, lead healthcare non-profits, and serves rural communities that are the most in need of quality healthcare. Jessie will bring an eye for fiscal responsibility with our tax dollars, and will advocate for a well-defined plan that spends those dollars in the most effective, efficient, and innovative ways possible.

It’s time to shake up the status quo and place public servants on our hospital district board that will be voices for the taxpayers and residents to whom they serve, and not rubber-stamping gatekeepers for the establishment.

Please vote Jessie Peters for Hospital District Board on May 18th.

Anna Largen


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