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Coronavirus Conspiracy Theories

History shows that many of the leading conspiracy theories over time have turned out out be true.

Coronavirus Conspiracy Theories

Coronavirus Conspiracy Theories

by Shari Dovale

Conspiracy theories have flooded the world since, well… likely since the world began, and certainly since politics began. It is not limited to the Left or Right, as they all partake of this unconfirmed-propaganda tool.

Those controlling the narrative refer to the current dissension as conspiracy theories, or ‘tin foil hat wearing nut jobs’.

The Liberal Left are as prone to conspiracy as the Conservative Right. Whatever does not fit their agenda might be included in the rhetoric of “Conspiracy”.

It is no surprise that the Coronavirus has spurred the current intrigue from both sides.

  • Is the virus even real?
  • Did the virus escape from a Wuhan lab?
  • Did the world government take advantage of a normal flu season?
  • Are Coronavirus death rates inflated?
  • Was the virus designed to reduce the aging population?

More theories include:

  • What a great way to turn the world cashless!
  • Everyone will be implanted with a chip to track them.
  • This virus will bring about the New World Order.

History shows, however, that many of the leading conspiracy theories over time have turned out out be true. For example:

  • Were poor black men from Alabama misled and induced to take part in a government study that caused many of these men to die from syphilis? Yes, known as the The Tuskegee Study
  • Did the CIA developed a heart attack gun? Yes, it worked by shooting a small poison dart that could penetrate clothing and left behind nothing but a tiny red dot on the skin.
  • Did the Government control the American Media? Yes, known as Operation Mockingbird, the CIA paid journalists to publish propaganda.

The beauty of this type of rhetoric is that it cannot be proven true or false, at least not right away. Facebook and their fact-checkers do not actually dispute anything. Read their notices. They generally call things “Misleading” because they dare not actually call it a lie. However, they flag anything that does not fit within their narrative.

How do you handle the immense amount of theory versus fact? It is very simple.

Do not believe everything you read. Judge every piece of information for yourself as to its accuracy. Do not rely on others to tell you what is true. Verify everything yourself!


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