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The Radical Agenda Was Planned

“My conspiracy theories have all come true. I need some new ones.”


The Radical Agenda Was Planned

We Have a 100 Years of Attacks To Undo

By Bob Shillingstad

The 1964 presidential election between Johnson and Goldwater was the first major election that I was all in on. As a college student that wasn’t yet 21, I couldn’t vote but with my “Goldwater ’64” bumper sticker on the back of my ’55 Chevy I became a conservative. This was not an election with the “Country Club Republicans” candidate running against the labor union’s choice. This was an awakening by the people, a populist movement, that our country was being transformed and our institutions taken over and trashed.

As a young person I read Phyllis Schlafly’s book, A Choice Not An Echo, Goldwater’s Conscience of a Conservative and John Stormer’s classic None Dare Call It Treason. (15 printings and 3.5 million copies prior to the election). Economics In One Lesson by Henry Hazlitt was a must read if you were a true conservative and is still high on my reading list when it comes to a vital understanding on how the world works. Of course there were other writers and books that were awakening Americans to the dangers building on the political landscape. How did we get here?

Which brings up Woodrow Wilson, 35 years earlier, arguably the worst President ever. He signed the Revenue Act of 1913 establishing the first permanent federal income tax, giving the federal government an almost unlimited supply of dollars to fund lofty federal social management endeavors.

  • WWI and the selective service act and the suspension of liberties beyond what we see today.
  • A League of Nations for world government.
  • He was an ardent racist and segregated many government departments.
  • He created the Federal Reserve which caused immense damage to our economy even today.

For the first 125 years of our history there was literally no inflation since we were on a gold standard. Wilson created a national police force, the FBI which has morphed into a “secret police” with no restraint.

Under his watch we established the Federal Trade Commission with sweeping authority. He oversaw the direct election of Senators by the people instead of the states. Can you imagine if Senators had to face the state legislators concerning federal overreach of power and demanding the states hand over their decision making to the federal government? These are just the highlights of one of our worst presidents.

Of course along came Franklin Roosevelt in 1932 who inherited the Federal Reserve created by Wilson. Milton Friedman set the record straight about the Great Depression. In his book, “A Monetary History of the United States,” he proved that the Fed created the collapse by contracting the M2 money supply (cash, checking and savings accounts, and CD’s). 

Ben Bernanke is an expert on the Great Depression and his work verifies what Friedman found. Economists are pointing out that the Fed seems hell bent upon collapsing our economy today. Great reset anyone?

Any discussion of FDR would have to include the government control of agriculture, pensions, health care and an overall reduction of our freedoms. Roosevelt tried “packing” the Supreme Court but was thwarted fortunately, but don’t forget that we went off the gold standard thanks to FDR.

Truman attempted to erase some of the racism of Wilson and FDR by integrating the military and reversing many racist actions against Japanese Americans and Jews. Ike would warn us in his farewell address about the dangers and influence of the military-industrial complex. Unfortunately those warning were not heeded and we have been left with decades of endless wars and a CIA-NSA-FBI rogue state that can control congress and the decision makers.

This has continued under the Nixon, Carter, the Bushes, Clinton, Obama and Biden administrations. The pushback by Reagan and Trump just resulting in poking the bear and the pushback was too overwhelming to make a difference. In defense of President Trump he likely had no idea that the administrative and intelligence apparatus was so deeply embedded.

You are probably asking yourself this question, “What is the purpose of rehashing all of this history and the sorry state of our nation?” The answer is this- as we propose abolishing the FBI and reforming the justice department and breaking up that creature and we demand abolishing the income tax, demanding balanced budgets, doing away with the Federal Reserve and adopting a Gold-Silver standard we will be called crazy.

As we realize government is too big and we need to give more power to the states by doing away with the Department of Education, Department of Energy, Health and Human Services, Department of Commerce, HUD, Transportation and more than that. When we talk about doing all of this and electing the Senators by State Legislatures we are going to be called extremist and radical.

In reality all we want to do is return to our roots according to the Constitution. Don’t be cowed and bullied but read the history and be informed and speak up. We need to counter the narrative by media and teachers. As a meme I saw recently said: “My conspiracy theories have all come true. I need some new ones.”

Know what time it is. Demand change.

Reading List: None Dare Call It Treason, None dare Call It Conspiracy, The Creature from Jekyll Island (federal reserve), 1984, Animal Farm, The Road to Serfdom, Economics In One Lesson, Free to Choose, Conscience of a Conservative, Mere Christianity, Death of the West. Live Not By Lies. There are many others but this is a beginning.


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