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YOU, ME & 5G

5G adds to this toxic mix of radiation we're being bathed in daily.

YOU, ME & 5G

YOU, ME & 5G

How many of you are aware of the deployment of 5G? The word “deployment” should give you pause.

5G is solely for the purpose of machines, not biological beings. This Internet of THINGS, NOT BEINGS, is being deployed without the public’s knowledge, and it’s implementation is going against the proven warnings from doctors & scientists alike worldwide. 5G has NEVER been shown to be safe? Think about that.

You’re aware of a cell phones SAR rating right? You know, the specific absorption rate of radiation you’re being exposed to? In France it was shown to be false in 9 out of 10 phones exceeding the manufacturer’s reported radiation test levels. Bottom line, radiation accumulates, and children are far more vulnerable than adults.

Cell phone use has grown rapidly and like drug pushers, the product has been juiced up enabling the public to become addicted to this tech. They know this, and like drug pushers they act with little to no regard concerning the damage their product is doing to our health.

5G adds to this toxic mix of radiation we’re being bathed in daily. 5G will put millions of radiation emitting cells on our buildings, bus stops, and street lights. The antennas in each array work together as a unit to focus all their energy into a narrow, steerable beam. Like mini cell towers they’ll even be put in your front yards. Cancer clusters & cell towers are being seen more often ie. Weston Elementary School in Ripon, CA. Would you want this in front of your home?

Robin Hunding
Sandpoint, ID


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