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Agenda 21/2030

Globalization – Pure Evil

June 23, 2020 0

Globalization – Pure Evil by Karen Schumacher System Innovations (SI) is an online platform that tackles complex problems through systems science and technologies, changing the structure of a system rather than through individual parts.  Some […]

Technocracy and Sustainable Development
Agenda 21/2030

Technocracy and Sustainable Development.

March 14, 2020 1

Technocracy and Sustainable Development by Karen Schumacher Technocracy may be an unfamiliar concept to many or not easily understood by those who are familiar with it, or even it’s relationship to the United Nations (UN) […]

YOU, ME & 5G
Letters to the Editor

YOU, ME & 5G

March 1, 2020 0

YOU, ME & 5G How many of you are aware of the deployment of 5G? The word “deployment” should give you pause. 5G is solely for the purpose of machines, not biological beings. This Internet […]