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Public Education Is The Greatest Trend Setter

The political division in this nation today is actually greater than during the civil war.

sense Public Education Is The Greatest Trend Setter

Public Education Is The Greatest Trend Setter

 by Pete Ketcham

Many well known pundits, authors, and talk show hosts have offered numerous short term predictions of the future results of elections, laws passed, court decisions, and basically all types of political actions. Some of these predictions have been “dead on”, partially correct, and totally “off base”.

But the greatest challenge, is predicating the long term political future of this nation.

There are numerous issues one could consider in this effort, but I believe two that are very important are (1) current trends, and (2) similarity to past world events.


(a) The overall greatest factor creating current trends is the US public education system controlled by the liberal godless socialist community (Democrats). According to research, there is approximately 3.4 million high-school graduates per year, and approximately 4.5 million college graduates per year. It would be a safe estimate that at least 90% of these graduate students will have been successfully indoctrinated into the liberal godless socialist mind set.

(b) All these graduates (past and future)  flow out into the national community to become influential members of the judicial system, entertainment world, news media, corporate world, the political world, and other professional areas.

(c) What we now see in the Democrat political party (corruption, deception, lying, etc), is the result of this indoctrination by the US public education system. There is no doubt that this current trend will grow, because there is no, (zero, nada), plan of action, strategy, or motivation by the conservative community to take back control of the US public education system.


As we all know world history is very comprehensive, and literally impossible for any one individual to be an expert in the total knowledge of it. Yet as one studies recent world history, it becomes evident that there are prominent similarities to what is taking place today as to what has taken place in the past, “History Repeats Itself”. Some of the similarities are as follows:

(a) The present day breakdown of cooperation between the Democrats and Republicans is now reaching the hostility and hate level that existed between the North Legislators and the South legislators just prior to the violent outbreak of the civil war.  The political division in this nation today is actually greater (many more issues) than during the civil war. This division is now manifesting itself in the political actions of the Democrats with the Muller hearings, impeachment hearings, and even the childish tearing up the President’s speech by the House Speaker. It is also becoming violent, as we see violent marches by Antifa, the destruction of Republican voting stands, and public assault of Trump supporters.

(b) Another egregious similarity today is the hate filled demonetization that is coming from the far left mainstream news media, and the Democratic Party against the conservative christian right and Republican Party. The Nazis perfected this “demonetization strategy” using false propaganda against the Jewish citizens in the 1930’s-40’s, and what we see today from the left is identical to the Nazi’s method.


There are many other trends and similarities, and we are now seeing the manifestation of these trends in current laws completely devoid of logic, coupled with the decline of morality as promoted by Hollywood and the LGBT community. As previously stated, the most significant trend is the national education system’s ability ( via indoctrination) to determine the political and moral philosophy of the nation’s present and future leaders and citizens.

Thus, do to the inability of the christian based conservative community to take control of this education/indoctrination system, it would seem the long term future of our nation may result in a complete moral collapse, and possible anarchy as the citizens become totally frustrated with the ineffective and illogical leadership of the liberal left.


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