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Shawn Vestal Defends Sexualizing Children

There will be a protest of the Spokane Drag Queen Story Hour this Saturday, June 15th, 1 pm, at the South Hill Branch Public Library

Shawn Vestal Defends Sexualizing Children
Photograph: Stephanie Breijo

Shawn Vestal Defends Sexualizing Children

By Alex Barron

Libraries should be “safe spaces” for readers.  They should not be divisive sexual experiments for transvestites.   Children should not have to come to a public library and be exposed to men dressed in women’s clothing trying to do crafts with them.  Yet the New York based Drag Queen Story Hour organization and their City of Spokane government employee enablers feel different.

What makes me literately sick to my stomach is the pathetic state of the Western male.  It really does.  There is nothing that can happen to enrage the American male to action any more.  Even transitives grooming children in their “sexual expression.”  Matthew 18:6.

Shawn Vestal, Spokesman-Review staff columnist. Colin Mulvany/The Spokesman-Review

Shawn Vestal of the Spokane Review decided to write an article in support of people involving children in their over the top sexual expressions. He titled his article “Don’t compare a drag queen to a blackfaced minstrel.”  I can tell you as an American of African descent that Shawn Vestal is wrong. There are similarities of dressing as something you are not in an over the top, stereotypical manner that is offense to people for various reasons.

  • Drag Queens often depict real biological women as over the top, stereotypical and disgusting parodies of actual women.
  • Drag Queens Story Hour are not a vestige of something historical.  They are an expression of a newly empowered homosexual fascist left.
  • Drag Queens and other militant homosexuals are using their new Supreme Court stolen power to attempt to force their worldview on everyone.  Even over children.

This is no Blaire White. These are men in makeup with devil horns doing crafts with 5 years olds.  Bearded men can put on over the top makeup but no one can find it offense for any number of reasons?  Shawn Vestal’s continues his incredible empathic reaction with comments like “sex panics” of the conservative right. It is not a “panic” or a phobia to be beyond angered about people involving children in your sexual expression.  [Bard Note: We are those with large families.  Patriots have no issue with sex.  Trust me on that.]

This is not simple kink. This is over the top, public homosexual kink involving children.

Shawn Vestal says to the patriots of North Idaho and Liberty State (Eastern Washington) “They have launched a ‘500 Mom Strong’ Facebook page, which – judging by the number of likes, comments and shares – is a vast overstatement of the number of people involved.”  We will see Shawn Vestal.

There will be a protest of the Spokane Drag Queen Story Hour this Saturday, June 15th at 1 pm (1300 PST) at the South Hill Branch Public Library 3324 S Perry Street Spokane, WA 99203.  The protest will continue until the Drag Queen Story Hour is over.



Alex Barron, also known as The Bard of the American Redoubt, runs the Charles Carroll website.

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