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Refugee Propaganda Event with Video

As the video shows, everyone in the audience went out of their way to be respectful.

Refugee Propaganda Event with Video

Refugee Propaganda Event with Video

By Shari Dovale

From the event advertisement:
To celebrate Social Work Month, Phi Alpha Honor Society and Social Work students at Lewis-Clark State College are partnering with World Relief Spokane to host a Refugee Awareness Event! This will be a fun, moving and educational night with no entrance fee.
The event will be held in the Community Room at the Coeur d’ Alene Public Library from 6:15 p.m to 7:30 p.m. Seating will begin at 6 p.m.
Local refugees will be sharing their personal testimony, and music will be provided by the Neema Youth Choir.
The history, process, and current status of refugee resettlement will be shared, with the opportunity for the audience to ask questions. Refreshments will be provided.

World Relief Spokane hosted what they termed a ‘Refugee Awareness Event’ that turned into complete political propaganda.
The event was live streamed through Redoubt News, courtesy of Johnathon Alexander of the US Milita Northern Command, and you can watch it below. Alexander tells us that the organizers were not happy to see him with his camera. “Yes, right when my wife Joanne and I got there and set up the cameras, we were approached by the women who brought the refugees in and we were asked if we were there to cause problems. I think they instantly became judgemental because we were wearing our U.S.MILITIA Northern Command shirts and several of our Militia men showed up for the event with us.” he said.

In the beginning, it was noticed that they did not open the event with the pledge, which was excused by the organizers saying they did not want to offend anyone. This, of course, is pandering to those who are not truly vested in this country.

The meeting consisted mostly of children singing, with a few agenda-based comments from the speakers.

Through their advertising of the event, it was stated that the evening would include a question and answer session for members of the audience. However, the host, Dr Mark Finney, did not allow any questions.

It was said later that the organizers considered the spectators to be ‘aggressive’, yet, in watching the video, there is no indication of anything unruly or untoward. As the video shows, everyone in the audience went out of their way to be respectful.

“All of our Miltia guys and 3%ers were nothing but respectful and handled ourselves in a good manner despite how they acted,” Capt. Alexander said.

 After the event, questions were asked of the spectators, which highlighted their frustration at being shut out of the conversation.

Dr. Finney was asked about the question period and he said that was what he did afterwards (with a few select people). So, it was apparently pre-planned to shut down the question period, as most propagandists will do. However, he has indicated that he is willing to talk to anyone with questions at a later time.

If this was such a good idea, with their belief that what they are doing is truly the right thing, then why are they so afraid of a few questions?



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17 Comments on Refugee Propaganda Event with Video

  1. How is the “resettlement” working out in Boise, Idaho Falls & Twin Falls? A good example of how ANY of this “square peg is going to fit into a round hole”, as the saying goes.
    For 70 years, I worked and paid taxes to help build schools, colleges and infrastructure in CA. At one time it was truly the “Golden State”, but has now sunk into the swamp.
    I found the most conservative location I could find in the U.S. to again live a Patriots life and here comes the “Resettlement”. I am too old to move again and too young to die so I am going to fight from here in any way that is called for, to keep our way of life without having to constantly look over our shoulders.

  2. Thank you for being at this meeting and reporting on it…This is a critical subject to Idaho, and we need to be educated on this invasion.

  3. Thank you for being at this meeting and reporting on it…This is a critical subject to Idaho, and we need to be educated on this invasion.

  4. This is an updated version of my earlier comments post: Snake Eater MARCH 10, 2018 AT 2:35 PM

    Ms. Dovale, your excellent exposé “Refugee Propaganda Event With Video” shined a much-needed bright light on the modus operandi of the World Relief – Spokane – for all the good citizens of Coeur D’Alene.

    The United Nations Refugee Resettlement Program (RRP), mandated by the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), has been willingly aided, abetted, and facilitated by our own U.S. State Department for over 30 years.

    However, during the eight long interminable years that the quisling Barack Hussein Obama (Barry Soetoro) administration was hell-bent on destroying as much of our Constitution and Bill of Rights as possible, he directed and weaponized the State Department Office of Refugee Resettlement (ORR) to allow unprecedented levels of refugees to “seed” as many refugees, especially Muslims, as possible into unsuspecting and unwitting communities all across America – furthering his radical leftist socialist agenda to “fundamentally change America.”

    Rolling up their sleeves and doing the day-to-day dirty work on behalf of the ORR are nine Voluntary Agencies (VOLAGs) that are contracted out by the ORR and are all largely funded by US taxpayers. Director Finney’s World Relief office – Spokane is an associate of (National Association of Evangelicals) the World Relief National Association, is just one of the nine VOLAGs that are contracted to “seed” as many refugees as possible into unwitting American communities all across America.

    Ann Corcoran, of Refugee Resettlement Watch, using open source figures from 2012 (Form 990) tax documents of the World Relief National Association, provides the following data on p. 55 of her excellent 2015 book “Refugee Resettlement and the Hijra to America. I have included her website and book information at the bottom of my post.


    – Total revenue 2012: $56,842,649.00

    – Government grants and contracts: $38,837.294.00

    – Percent taxpayer funded: 68%

    – Top salary: $211,651.00 (the ‘salaries’ include other related compensation)


    00:23 – Mr. Finney claimed that it is the Idaho State legislators who are responsible and decide if and where refugees are placed in Idaho. This is total bullshit, because the RRP is facilitated and dictated by the State Department at the federal level WITHOUT consultation and citizen approval of any kind through their State legislators. Even the State governors do not know when, how many, and where the refugees are being surreptitiously placed within their respective States. Because RRP is dictated from the federal level, even the State governors cannot intercede or stop this destructive “seeding” process!

    Generally speaking, the targeted communities in which refugees are to be transported are not even told about, much less given a voice, or a choice in this “seeding” process – except for events like the “Refugee Awareness Events” “fun, moving, and educational night” of cultural awareness, diversity, and enrichment,” a road show that Mr. Finney brought to Coeur D’Alene on March 8th!

    What Mr. Finney did not tell you, and would not tell you except possibly under duress, is that the refugees are initially transported into America by the feds, from abroad on government “contracted” commercial cargo aircraft (e.g. UPS, FedEx) that land in the middle of the night at zero dark thirty, park at the back end of the airports in secluded and controlled areas. Under the cover of darkness, the refugees are off-loaded into government contracted charter buses that have had their windows covered and/or darkened to hide their “cargo,” and then they are transported to predetermined destinations (the Muslim refugees are “seeded” primarily into solid red conservative states like Idaho) across the nation, and are linked-up with their assigned VOLAGS, and then eventually surreptitiously “seeded” into unwitting communities, all on the US taxpayer dime!

    00:34 Mr. Finney stated that refugees are NOT the reason they are holding the presentation at this library! Really? Why then was his event entitled “REFUGEE AWARENESS EVENT?” Total bullshit, why else would he be putting together this presentation at the community library if it was not about getting the citizens to buy into the RRP propaganda, his stock in trade? This event was clearly intended to be part of his modus operandi designed to lull the local Coeur D’Alene community into a false sense of understanding about the RRP. It was obvious from having viewed the video footage that the Coeur D’Alene community attendees were not impressed or lulled, especially when they realized that Mr. Finney had refused to entertain their questions during his advertised question and answer session.

    03:14 Mr. Finney told the attendees not to worry or have negative concerns about the refugees because they had all been vetted extensively by the United Nations! Really, that is really comforting! More smoke and mirrors bullshit about a vetting process, or as Mr. Finney called it “a long series of background checks.” I won’t go into the details, but needless to say, the entire vetting process is essentially worthless, as many of the refugees are not even able to provide historical documents of any kind from their source country…much less passports, birth certificates, police histories, or any other form of historical data that could even remotely be used by authorities to vet them in any database, whatsoever.

    06:23 Mr. Finney explained that his World Relief – Spokane would be responsible for taking care of and placing the refugees for the first ninety days! This would ostensibly include arranging for refugees’ housing, food, medical, education, language training, welfare, spending money, and a myriad of other “expenses,’ as needed. Mr. Finney did mention, as an aside, that the local community would take over after his 90 days had expired. So it suddenly became crystal clear that the local community would be forced to take over all responsibilities and assume the huge burden! A burden for these refugees that they, in most cases, did not want! The permanent and extensive costs for this forced “diversity and cultural enrichment” will be dropped from the RRP onto the backs of the citizen taxpayers…adding insult to injury!

    06:49 – Mr. Finney explained that 50% of refugees he places are kids under the age of eighteen! However, he did not volunteer data about the other 50% of refugees! Typically, many of the refugees are Muslim males between the ages of 18-35 in prime fighting age for waging jihad, which as some of you may know is mandated by Islamic doctrine…jihad is incumbent, mandatory, and is not optional!

    07:18 – Mr. Finney stated that his office in Spokane has thirty-seven staff members and several departments.

    08:56 – Mr. Finney emphasized that World Relief – Spokane was a non-profit organization and received only a little bit of their organizational financing from the federal government! According to their own tax documents for 2012, provided by Ann Corcoran of the Refugee Resettlement Watch website, the percentage of taxpayer funding for World Relief National Association was at 68%, hardly “a little bit.” Furthermore, had Mr. Finney kept to his published event agenda and held their scheduled question and answer session, which he refused to do, an appropriate question would have been “What is your annual salary?” My guess is that Mr. Finney’s salary is in the six-figure range, not bad for a non-profit paid by taxpayers money.

    Mr. Finney also failed to mention that all of these VOLAGs, including World Relief – Spokane, are paid “by the head” for each refugee that they place, so there is a huge financial incentive for them to “seed” as many refugees as possible! Apparently, once Mr. Finney and his World Relief – Spokane finish “seeding” refugees into the Coeur D’Alene community, after the first ninety days, they can then wash their hands of any responsibility, push the burden onto the community, and go off on their merry way in search of their next unwitting community to “seed” – thus causing this destructive vicious cycle to continue!

    09:02 Mr. Finney stated that his goal was to integrate refugees into the local community so that they can become Americans. If that was the case, then out of professional courtesy why weren’t the citizens of the community formally consulted before hand (e.g. town hall meetings, petitions, referendums, voting at the ballot box…) whether or not they even wanted refugees to be “seeded” into their community? Historically, the RRP never holds any town meetings, referendums, or voting by the local citizens…beforehand! Communities are completely blindsided and not given a voice at all in the decision-making process! Most certainly, the decision to “seed” refugees using the World Relief – Spokane, was already made months, if not years, ago in Washington by the same government bureaucrats who have been pushing their Islamization of America agenda. For those of you who are not aware, the 1400-year documented history of Islam proves that Muslims do not assimilate; rather, Muslims dominate and subjugate all Western cultures into which they “immigrate.”

    09:46 – Mr. Finney mentioned that the refugees are from Africa, Middle East, Southern Europe, and Asia. What he did not say was that the Middle Eastern refugees are predominantly Muslim, since most of the non-Muslim peoples in the source country have already been forced to convert to Islam, are semi-slaves (dhimmis) forced to survive under the brutal yoke of Islam, or have already been killed my Muslims.

    1:11:29 – Representative of World Relief – Spokane came out and made the following announcement before the mush advertised Question and Answer Session had taken place: “We are going to end now. Time constraint, only 20 minutes till library closes…have a great rest of your night!”

    I would encourage any concerned citizens to go online and visit Ann Corcoran’s Refugee Resettlement Watch website and also to read her groundbreaking book “Refugee Resettlement and the Hijra to America.” Ms. Corcoran is a leading expert on this subject and her website is a national resource for those willing to stand up and push back within their own pockets of resistance. The first link below is to her website and the second link is a free e-version of her book being offered by the Center For Security Policy on their website:

    If you are interested in educating yourself and others about the existential threat posed by the predatory totalitarian theocracy of Islam, the best source that I can recommend is that of Dr. William Warner’s excellent body of work, which can be found at his website:

  5. Thank you so much for taking the time to detail all of this! So true, right on the money and we all need to make our voices heard? May we repost this other places?

    • KS, I Have just now (03/11/2018, 16:27) updated my earlier post. Thank you for your kind words, and yes you may repost this other places. All I ask is that you use the most recent updated version. I enjoyed our comments as well!

      • KS, for some reason my updated 03/11/18 post was posted pending approval my the moderator, and then it disappeared. Will check back tomorrow morning to see if it is approved. In the meantime please do not repost the one dated 03/10/18. Thanks!

  6. I was there. This is all so untrue. Questions were originally planned. Time ran out due to having to deal with your “militia” presence. Try telling the truth.

    • lol, pleeeeze! If your position is sound and justifiable and means enough in your heart you would never run out of time.

      I have had political discussions for two hours on the sidewalk after a meeting was over and the building locked up for the night.

      Of course, if the questions that were originally planned were sugar coated and utopian…it is understandable why the question period might be abandoned when there were people in attendance who would test the premise of the presentation for solidity.

    • I was also there. I would love for Theresa Erbe-Neuberger to elaborate on her comment. How did they have to ‘deal’ with the militia presence exactly?

    • So, the mere presence of people can not make time go faster or change time in any way…unless maybe you have been smoking something. Were you smoking something Theresa? Because I was there and I saw that every single person waited respectfully until well after 7:30 and then many were surprised when we were told to all leave the public building we had been waiting at for an hour and a half to have a discussion. And even then I was impressed by how reasonable and sensible those patient people were. I have no idea where you were but we were not at the same meeting, unless one of us was in an altered state, and it wasn’t me…But I did see many virtue signaling refugee promoting rude people tell people who did not agree with them, that were being quiet and respectful in private conversations, to leave the PUBLIC library, including a mom holding a two month old baby who was told to go outside if she wanted to have a chat with a fellow mom and this was after 7:30 when the event was supposed to be over. I also saw a librarian tell a patron to leave the PUBLIC library because he decided to speak his mind in a respectful way at the end of the event when it was clear no one that wasn’t a refugee or a refugee supporter was going to be allowed to speak. Shame on you Theresa for misrepresenting the good people of this town who happen to think differently than you. And shame on the library staff who feigned fear over the calm quiet patrons talking peacefully outside the library last night. The ruse went so far as to request police escort out of the library past the calm citizens quietly conversing about the event. I am not sure why seven police cars needed to waste their time for that silly ridiculousness but I would imagine that they were likely telling tall tales like you Theresa. Shame.

    • Truth to the matter Theresa Erbe-Neuberger I was on scene and filmed the whole event for Redoubt News. Anyone wanting to see the video by all means watch it and tell me after you see the video where the Militia was the problem. . I do not appreciate the lies you want to spread about the Militia. We were nothing but respectful so you mam can go to hell.

  7. “…to shut down the question period, as most propagandists will do.”

    That is a self evident truth and generally speaking nothing more needs to be said.

    There is, however, an interesting facet to this which increases the value of speaking first…especially when an opposing party speaks first and does not allow any rebuttal, debate or questioning.

    “The liberty of writing, like all other liberty, is most formidable when it is a novelty; for a people who have never been accustomed to hear state affairs discussed before them, place implicit confidence in the first tribune who presents himself.” – Alexis de Tocqueville – “Democracy In America”

    Also translated as…

    “The liberty of writing, like all other liberty, is most formidable when it is a novelty; for a people which has never been accustomed to co-operate in the conduct of State affairs places implicit confidence in the first tribune who arouses its attention.” – Alexis de Tocqueville – “Democracy In America”

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