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OMD 2nd Audio Recording Released

The original audio recordings were never made public before now

OMD 2nd Audio Recording Released

OMD 2nd Audio Recording Released

By Shari Dovale

The government’s request to lengthen the expected prison term for Ryan Payne for actions taken during the Malheur Wildlife Protest included a 91 page filing that outlined a summary of phone calls between members of Operation Mutual Defense (OMD). Members of this self-styled advisory board include Ryan Payne, government informant Dennis Dickenson, Tim Foley, Gary Hunt, and later Jon Ritzheimer.

The original audio recordings were never made public before now. There are several recordings, totaling multiple hours of discussion. Gary Hunt has authorized me to release these recordings with his commentary on them.

They will be released in the order listed in the government’s motion.

You can listen to the second audio recording here

You can see the 91 page document here:   OMD RECORDING EXHIBIT

Gary Hunt’s commentary:

These audios are being released because the government misrepresented, by cookie-cutting phrases, and presenting out of context statements in their documentation. The documents are “Governments Sentencing Memorandum” (docket 2519) and “Review of OMD Advisory Board Meeting Recordings” (docket 2519-1), which are for the sentencing hearing on Ryan Payne, who plead in the Malheur Refuge case.

It must be understood that what OMD AB was doing was gathering information to present an accurate account of circumstances surrounding an event of possible interest to the patriot community.  We have all seen people asking for help from patriots. Some have merit, some don’t. However, most often, you have only the explanation given by the person asking for help. As we progress through these audios, you will see that people have requested help, but an investigation resulted in finding misrepresentation of certain facts.

As with any brainstorming session, all possibilities, even to the extreme, should be considered, as they aid the thought process in finding the most viable solution. Often the discussion tend toward the hypothetical, as an exercise in the evaluation process.

Audio #2

Note: This audio is a good representation of how we operated, how much detail, based upon through research, that is involved in the decision process.

First conversation was about Patricia Aiken to assist with PR and to handle fundraising. Ryan mentions BTFA (Bear True Faith and Allegiance) which would be a separate organization that was more public and was a civil authority — like Committees of Safety.

Ryan mentions his delayed road trip. LaVoy Finicum was on the itinerary, and the only one pacifically mentioned.

Then a briefing  on the Hammonds, very early reference as the discussions on the Hammonds progressed. He thought Dwight and Steven were brothers. I had done my research and had the correct dates and Terrorism Act reference. Other background on Hammonds.

Patricia jumped in with her comment.

Then we discussed Patricia’s presentation on crowd funding. As she continues her presentation, the downside; this is one of the reasons for BTFA.

Then some background discussion on the entire Hammond story about the fire, the trial and the appeal. Then we discuss, very briefly, if the Hammonds want to resist arrest. Ryan goes back to his discussion with Dwight. I do offer a solution. Dennis Dickinson (FBI informant) participated in the discussion. He is the one that asked about other members of the family. Tin Foley was the one with the IRS obligation.

Then we go to Tucson VOP (Veterans on Patrol). I explain the background on the Tucson homeless Veterans matter. I explain the problems they have had with the city giving them hard time in setting things up. The Degree of  Involvement is applied, this is Level 1.

Foley then updates’ what he has found out about the current situation. It appears that the City has become cooperative.

Discussion continued mostly about the Veteran problem the government refuses to address.

This lead us to add VOP as the first sanctioned (Level 1) organization, because he had done so much for Veterans.

Next is discussion of the Response Matrix though not complete, Ryan lists the items that are part of the Matrix. He mentioned that no legal action had developed, yet. This is almost 1 1/2 years after the “Unrustling” of April 2016.

#2 the Red River dispute in Texas. Ryan’s #3 Something in Oklahoma, which we determined was actually Red River. So, I discuss the legal references to state boundaries. We needed to see what the Court did with this before we could even begin to consider any discussion of whether OMD should be involved.

New #3 is Phil Lyman. He is County Commissioner and the issue in about Recapture Canyon and the BLM closing down the county roads that had been used for decades (There are videos on line about the  (Recapture event). Ryan had gone to the event where they went down the road and ended up getting the road opened. This was NOT an OMD event.

Lyman had been charged with trespass, and other possible charges, and convicted. There had been discussion with Lyman about OMD assisting him in not being arrested, as with the Hammonds My conversation with Lyman was not productive, so I felt no reason to continue with research, unless and until he decided that he wanted to resist. Ryan agreed, so this was hold.

#4 is LaVoy Finicum. LaVoy, regarding his ranch, had been working with “Booda” (Brian Cavalier, Bundy Ranch Personal Security Detail).  No current threat. Dennis brings up what Oathkeepers had said about some of the players, including Payne, Booda, Blaine Cooper, and LaVoy.

#5 is Stanton Gleaves. Not much information. More info to be obtained.

Next is Support for any Refugee in processing actions. This was addressed in the previous discussion. Ryan indicates that the action, if taken, would have to be with the humanitarian organizations. We would look at helping the respective states in formulating a plan to address reviewing immigrants. The subject was broken into two parts; 1) detention, and 2) dissemination of information. This is based upon separate discussion between Ryan and I, moving away from the “bacon” issue, as discussed in the previous audio. many discussions were held between Ryan and 1, that resolved matters before they came before the AB.

Then we refined the degree of involvement. I don’t have a copy of the fifth one that had previously been discussed. Below is the final Degree of Involvement, Five was removed by action of the AB.

* * *

Degree of Involvement

For the purpose of providing an indication of anticipated activity, for any event or operation, the following descriptions have been established.  Each of the levels has the potential to escalate to the next level, so each operation/event will indicate the current level of activity, and be updated, as warranted.

Level 1 – Sanctioned: An event in which OMD will sanction the event and put a call out for volunteers, for a specific purpose but that does not warrant an armed defense, as it currently exists.

Level 2 – Supported: An event that warrants militia defense response, though there is no presence of armed opposition.

Level 3 – Active: An event where there is active armed presence threatening life, liberty, or property. Probably an escalation of a supported event.

Level 4 – Aggressive: An event that anticipates no resolution short of armed defense, though not to be provoked by OMD or OMD volunteers.

* * *

Next is a discussion of a Power Point presentation of the purpose of OMD.  Ryan made a concession to the use of “Freedom Fighter”, based upon an independent conversation. Discussion resolved that “concerned citizen and local patriots” I don’t find any copy of the Power Point presentation in my files.

* * *

Response Coordinator: Ryan Payne

Public Relations: Gary Hunt

Research: Dennis

Planning: Jon Ritzheimer

Training: Tim Foley

Operation  Mutual  Defense
Operation Mutual Defense – Mission Statement

Mission Statement: Operation Mutual Defense (OMD) recruits, trains and provides the necessary command and control resources to assist patriots in the defense of lives, individual liberties and property throughout the United States when requested in order to protect them against governmental overreach.

Who? OMD is a network of Militias that also includes concerned citizens, local patriots, journalists, and media relations personnel from patriotic political activism groups. 

What? OMD provides the means by which lives, the liberty to exercise God-given rights and the defense of public and private property can be protected against aggression upon request of individuals in need of defense. 

Where? OMD shall establish defensive postures at optimal tactical positions in relation to the people or property in need of such defense. All local laws not in violation of the U.S. and subject States Constitution shall be observed. All laws in violation of the U.S. and subject States Constitution are hereby considered null and void, the enforcement of which most likely represents the need for such defense as herein outlined.

When? Upon validation of a local request by the OMD Advisory Board.  Defensive postures will be taken up in the shortest possible time with the minimum force size determined by coalition leadership.  Additional resources will be allocated based on the requirements of the developing situation.

Why? OMD exists to protect against governmental overreach.  At such a point as the government intends to use the physical power granted it by those who implemented it against them, it then becomes the responsibility of the people themselves to defend their country from its government, and to generally revert to the process provided for in the Declaration of Independence; to absolve such government of its power, or separate from it to be freed from its oppression. OMD is intended for the defense of the populace from enemies, foreign and domestic, the latter path shall be left to the determination of that populace, and we shall guarantee them the freedom to make that choice in accordance with man’s God-given Liberty, the ideas espoused in the Declaration of Independence, the Constitutions of the several States, the Constitution of their Union, and the Bill of Rights, so help us God.

* * *

Next is discussion of Wells, who wanted to act independent of a direct association with OMD. Ironically, Dickinson (FBI informant) agreed that it would be best to leave him out.

The webpage was discussed. A link to that page, without names is still up at The names were removed after two of our members were arrested.

The discussion then moved to meeting time acceptable to all.

Foley is still working on the training aspect. He gives a brief outline of his progress.

Meeting was adjourned.

Note: Ryan never did submit the “Matrix” that he spoke of. Jon Ritzheimer was not on the Board, as of this meeting.

This article can be found on line at OMD Audio Recording Series – Audio #2 (151018)


First Audio Recording, plus commentary, can be found here.


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