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FBI Did Not Want Body Cams At Fatal Roadblock

It generally benefits officers to have their actions recorded during potentially dangerous events.

FBI Did Not Want Body Cams At Fatal Roadblock

FBI Did Not Want Body Cams At Fatal Roadblock

by Shari Dovale

More information has been released on the fateful day that LaVoy Finicum was murdered on a lonely highway north of Burns, Oregon.

In January 2016, a Dead-man’s roadblock was set up on Hwy 395, seemingly by order of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) top agent in Oregon, Greg Bretzing.

The Oregon State Police (OSP) were called to assist the FBI’s elite Hostage Rescue Team (HRT). However, even though they planned to treat the passengers of 2 vehicles as extremely dangerous, the day did not end as expected, even for the FBI.

FBI Supervisory Special Agent W. Joseph Astarita is facing 5 charges for his actions during the incident, including obstruction of justice and giving false statements to investigators.

Astarita’s trial is expected to begin this month. His attorneys have asked that at least 4 of the 5 charges be dismissed. In a 32 page response to their motion, the government released more information than anticipated.

The motion outlines the government’s version of events on January 26, 2016. It also states that the FBI requested the State police were not to wear their standard body cameras.

This is a highly unusual request, especially in the current societal climate. It generally benefits officers to have their actions recorded during potentially dangerous events.

To have the FBI’s elite Hostage Rescue Team specifically request assisting officers not wear them does not bode well for the expected outcome for the civilians involved.

In an additional apparent lack of transparency, they FBI also asked that subsequent interviews with agents not be recorded. This was, again, unusual as questioning is normally recorded, as the FBI well knows.

It would seem that the FBI had planned from the beginning to attempt to hide many of their actions, relying only on the long-range cameras from overhead planes.

It brings up many questions, such as whether or not the HRT team was instigating fear in the OSP officers with their shots, attempting to get them to murder the occupants of the truck?

As many questions as there are, the Federal prosecutors are not attempting to have them all answered. They have only charged Astarita with lying to investigators. No one has been held accountable for the death of LaVoy or for Ryan Bundy being shot in the arm.

The civil rights of all of the truck’s occupants have been violated, yet the Federal prosecutors have not yet shown concern for these issues. They have, however, shown great care for the rights of Astarita. He has not been held in jail, has not been required to provide extreme bail, and has not been relieved of his position within the FBI.

The trial is sure to be a model for justice in America.

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19 Comments on FBI Did Not Want Body Cams At Fatal Roadblock

  1. For the record, I agree with Boyd White’s assessment that using proximity to decide personal guilt is like fishing with hand grenades. That isn’t stopping Las Vegas Democrats from using this proximity in their campaign against Cresent Hardy.

    If Mr. Finnicum was repeating “you’ll have to shoot me” as he drives to the roadblock, then somehow changes his mind and supposedly attempts to surrender after he jumps out of the truck, apparently he really didn’t mean what he had been saying all along that he wouldn’t be taken prisoner. In effect, saying he was attempting to surrender is akin to calling him a liar because he never really meant what he said. I just don’t buy that as people on this site do.

  2. Ma’am, how do you explain the fact that all of those arrested that day in Oregon live today, including Ammon and Ryan Bundy, but not Mr. Finnicum? There are many YouTube videos of Mr. Finnicum keeping guard with his rifle and repeating that he won’t give up or be taken prisoner. Shawna Cox’s video shows him repeating “you’ll have to shoot me” as he drives away from the initial traffic stop…or are you saying that Mr. Finnicum was a liar because law enforcement really didn’t have to shoot him despite his repeated threats and bizarre actions? Repeating “just shoot me” clearly shows Mr. Finnicum’s intent. Driving away from a legitimate traffic stop is just plain crazy. Jumping out of the truck at the roadblock and acting like a crazy man is just plain stupid and a recipe for getting one’s ass shot. Or should such evidence be ignored and the public accept the tortured logic he was “murdered”?? Good luck with that.

    Its all on video. Tragic as the outcome was, Mr. Finnicum’s behavior clearly was not in compliance with officer’s orders. Ammon and Ryan Bundy did perhaps the smartest thing they’ve ever done by complying with officers orders.

    If during the current trial of the FBI (Famous But Incompetent??) agent in Oregon or the widow Finnicum’s wrongful death suit against the Oregon State Police/FBI, additional information is forthcoming that contradicts this fact pattern, I’m open to seeing it. The after-the-fact revelation that Vicki Weaver was killed by Lon Horiuchi of the FBI while holding a baby and not a rifle certainly changed that narrative for me. Until the time as such evidence comes to light, it is malice and base slander to call the death of Mr. Finnicum “murder”. And as I have pointed out in other posts, if so-called “patriots” insist Finnicum was “murdered” without additional facts beyond those currently available, Las Vegas Democrats can reasonably charge Cliven Bundy for being the “proximate cause” of Gerald and Amanda Miller’s execution of Metro Officers Allen Beck and Egor Soldo, thus making Bundy a “cop killer”. And if you lived in Vegas, you would know that tortured line of reasoning is being used even today as a cudgel against Republican Cresent Hardy of Mesquite, who is running for the 4th District Congressional seat.

  3. Mr. Wampler, thank you for regurgitating your badass credentials. Funny that you don’t address the central issue I raise…namely, that Finnicum likely would be alive today had he responded as did Ammon and Ryan Bundy in complying with officer’s orders when arrested. That alone rebuts any notion he was “murdered”.

    If Finnicum were “murdered”, that same logic would make Bundy a cop killer. BTW…that is what Democrats in Las Vegas are saying.

    Since you “deploy and make history”, I will stock up on popcorn awaiting your take over another National Wildlife Refuge. Knock yourself out…and good luck with that. I recommend the Desert National Wildlife Refuge just north of Las Vegas (the largest such refuge in the lower 48)…or even Area 2 of Nellis Air Force Base. After all…the Feds are limited to those 20 square miles on the Potomac.

    • P Schreiber, you honestly think that Lavoy would be alive today had he thrown his hands up in the air and just simply surrendered?
      Is blissful ignorance your forte? Or just the lack of logic perhaps?

  4. Mr Schreiber..Had you been anywhere near Bunkerville in April of 2014 ? did you Visit our security operation at Sugar Pine Mine ? Go out to see for yourself at Malhure ? Visit that ambush spot on Hwy 395 ? Did you attend the Portland trials ? Ever go up to courtroom 7C to observe the proceedings in Vegas ? I thought not. It always amazes me to hear from the people who weren’t there and know all about it. Having been at all the above named places myself, I’ve noted a glaring discrepancy between what I’ve seen and experienced firsthand as compared to the agenda driven news stories you have apparently swallowed hook line and sinker. A few small details about those events on the evening of Jan 26 2016….”Traffic stops” usually don’t include prepared sniper positions…Non compliance against illegal police abuse is, and remains a core determination. In the case of the FBI and HRT actions that day, this noncompliance was entirely justified, as the hit squad had no arrest warrants, no court order, no legal basis for being there whatsoever, They were there to stop the virus….the stop was a long delayed response to our Petition for Redress of Grievance, and the answer was delivered in the form of bullets. If Lavoy had stood trial with Ammon, Ryan, Shawna, Jeff, Kenny, David and myself, he would have been completely exonerated along with the rest of us. He would have been found innocent, and he was innocent of any crime when he was assassinated. Withal, we have defeated and humiliated the Govt racketeers over and over again. our watchword has become Audaces Fortuna Iuvat. While you carp Mr Schreiber we deploy, and make history.

    • Totally agree with you, Neil! Some folks so easily cow-tow to federal law, because they are the ultimate truth. Well, truth is debatable when your constitutional rights have been violated, and believe me, in this case……Rights were violated. Sad thing is, that the Feds usually win and are deemed not responsible for a crime committed, because they have an inexhaustible source of funds (ours) that pay for and keep their attorneys funded. They simply out last local capabilities to defend and they do get a favorable judgement. Hmmmm. Big government pressure, me thinks ! Wolves in sheeps clothing. Beware !

  5. Mr. Finnicum drove away at high speed from a legitimate traffic stop. Mr. Finnicum repeated over and over “just shoot me”. Mr. Finnicum, upon exiting his truck, did not comply with orders. Sounds like a good formula for getting shot to me. But my best wishes to Mr. Finnicum’s widow in her wrongful death lawsuit. Good luck with that.

    Since people on this site like to parrot the idea that Mr. Finnicum was “murdered”, why wasn’t Ryan Bundy, Shawna Cox, and the young lady passenger also murdered? Seems to me that if the Oregon State Police/FBI were deliberately out to murder anyone, that would have started with Ammon & Ryan Bundy. Please note that those two dofusses did the smartest thing they have ever done by complying with officer’s orders while they were arrested. Had Mr. Finnicum done the same, he would be alive today.

    Finally, with this constant slander of “murder” being thrown about regarding Mr. Finnicum, you might want to consider the civil implications of “proximate cause” in tort litigation. Because Mr. Bundy has not been able through his Constitutional expertise to repeal the law of unintended consequences, perhaps Las Vegas Metro has a good civil suit against Mr. Bundy for being the “proximate cause” of the Miller’s assassination style murder of Officers Allen Beck and Egor Soldo. What is good for the goose is also good for the gander.

    • Justice should be as precise as possible; with the foundation of that being personal responsibility.

      Using “Proximity” is a dangerous lasso…the liability being to shake the loop out and rope in “all those type of people”.

      For instance, we might also categorize all Federal Employees as culpable for all Federal actions since the very existence of the Federal bureaucracy leads to the hubris where Alphabet Soup agencies needs armed Ninja Mutant Turtle forces (e.g. A proximate cause is an event sufficiently related to an injury that the courts deem the event to be the cause of that injury).

      It is my understanding the Bundy’s had no contact with the Miller’s. Likewise, most Federal employees are not involved with the intrusive enforcement components of the Federal bureaucracy.

      Whereas Aristotle can dismiss “mitigating” circumstances in his “Nicomachean Ethics” when deciding what is defective or extreme in departing from the Golden (intermediate) Mean….”proximity” from an ethical viewpoint is a form of mitigation due to its oblique malleable criteria which slights the Golden Mean of personal responsibility.

      Using Proximity to decide personal guilt is like fishing with hand-grenades.

  6. Unfortunately in this case the Sheriff didn’t know his place in the chain of law enforcement. He was the top law enforcement officer in the county and he should have sent all the feds away and followed US code, as the FBI should have followed code. The feds were supposed to contract with local law enforcement who had jurisdiction to effect enforcement. The FBI and State police did not. The Sheriff surrendered to the feds and Lavoy was set up and murdered.

  7. After LaVoy was murdered, the FBI stalked Mrs. Finicum & Family from place to place, attempting to intimidate them, apparently. Now we learn the FBI decided against Body Cam coverage? We must ask ourselves one Question: Do We Love Freedom Enough? LaVoy did.

  8. Anyone that has watched that video from start to finish realizes that was a setup and No One was to come out of that truck alive………………

  9. Of course not they fully intended to Murder LAVOY in cold blood that day .That was the only outcome they wanted they got it and there has not been an justice for Lavoys family

  10. In 2015 law was passed in Oregon that requires police use body cams. When the FBI said that it was up to OSP leadership to pull their people out. They are complicit

    • “In 2015 law was passed in Oregon that requires police use body cams. When the FBI said that it was up to OSP leadership to pull their people out. They are complicit”

      No, that Oregon law did not require police to wear body cams; it required police departments to establish policies regarding the use and left it up to departments as to whether they should wear them. I take it you have not read the bill. Look up Oregon HB 2571 passed on about June 15, 2015.

    • No doubt and exactly why would they NOT want body cams or did they not tape the interviews of the survivors ? But both matters were SOP and standard protocols that were over ridden by FBI criminal Bretzing !

      To say he is complicit is a serious understatement in the entire event as well as anything to do with the Bundy’s !

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