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Jules Verne Classic Now A Vaccine Propaganda Piece

Several people have now attempted to contact the Idaho Shakespeare Festival respectfully with their concerns and their comments/posts have been deleted on their page.

Jules Verne Classic Now A Vaccine Propaganda Piece

Jules Verne Classic Now A Vaccine Propaganda Piece

by Ashley Cates

Heading to your child’s school is an updated classic 80 Days Around the World performed by the Idaho Shakespeare Festival.

This musical, written specifically for the Youth Company Performances, takes you on a whirlwind tour of the globe and its people and includes five minutes of a very forced scene of vaccine propaganda.

According to Boise Weekly, the musical was written just for Idaho Theater for Youth by Alex Syiek by prompting from the director Tom Ford. You can contact ISF directly via email and express your concern since they are deleting comments off their facebook page.

Email the director Tom Ford
Call & Email the Education Manager Veronica Von Tobel
(208) 429-9908 ext. 206

If you are as appalled as I am, it might be a good idea to check and see if the ISF is coming to your child’s school, and to contact the district or administrator and let them know you won’t be allowing your child to attend this performance.

Read what other people who went to see “Around the World in 80 Days” have to say, via Facebook:

“We just saw Around the World in 80 Days a performance put on by Idaho Shakespeare Festival/Idaho theater for Youth and we were very disappointed with the vaccine drug propaganda they were pushing. They said their School of Theater program is going to 90% of the schools in Idaho to perform and they have already hit a few including Mountain View.”

“They listed several vaccine drugs that you ‘have’ to get to travel, lies. There was an entire scene dedicated to vaccines. They spent about 5 minutes of the play acting out administering vaccines to two characters. They also said a joke about how it’s not big deal and not like it’s hurting you. I can’t remember the exact words.”

“I attended as well and was shocked! Completely in your face pro vaccine. So out of place with the book or movie… very forced…”

“I also kept thinking, if my son came home and told me he saw 80 days around the world at school I would be over the moon… thinking strictly of the book and movie… As the book and movie have nothing to do with pushing vaccines. I would never guess he was just targeted for propaganda!!!

Several people have now attempted to contact the Idaho Shakespeare Festival respectfully with their concerns and their comments/posts have been deleted on their page.

Idaho Shakespeare Festival responded to my post by saying,

There are many things that make up the fictional worlds of musicals, plays and other forms of art. The creators of this piece are not trying to deceive the audience, to misinform them, or to advocate for or against the circumstances of their piece. We are always happy to hear from our patrons and discuss their concerns and are sorry for your unhappy experience. Our page is not intended as a discussion platform for any one in-depth subject requiring expertise beyond the world of the play. Thank you for sharing your concerns, the creators will be glad to hear your thoughts, especially as a new play. We take your input seriously!

Natalie Feuerstein (running for State Senate District 14) responded saying:

“You made vaccination propaganda part of the “world of the play”; therefore a discussion on the subject could then be expected from concerned parents.”

Who Sponsored This Musical?


Welcome to the doctor’s office
Welcome to your waking nightmare
Welcome why the frown
Welcome now sit down
You’re going around the world

But first, you are going to need something
Yeah first you’re going to feel a sting
A sting
There are so many diseases you need to be protected against if you are going around the world
By injecting you with a small sample of each of the diseases your body will be able to fight those pesky illnesses away
“No Thank you I’m fine.”
Time to begin the vaccine
tetanus and polio
stab the skin and there you go
diphtheria and hepatitis A and B (Whee)
Japanese encephalitis
“Don’t you dare put that inside us!”
Well, Good Luck getting through Asia
Relax it’s not like it’s Euthanasia

If you want to avoid infection make sure you get your typhoid injection
And don’t go playing with hyena babies or else you end up with a case of rabies
The two of you will not achieve a record time with yellow fever
Close your eyes and count to three 1, 3 Ha Whee
That will just about be it
These Vaccinations will permit you both to travel
At your own accord
But just to be safe we will stop the itching and chaffing with a couple of more to leave you tired and sore
Don’t Cry
Just Comply
And you’re done
So goodbye, goodbye, goodbye
And all aboard.

And After the song finishes the main character says something to the effect of: “my super smart, rich, scientist friend Elon Musk told me vaccines were OK… or I wouldn’t have gotten them.”

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